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SK Innovation and subsidiaries worldwide unite to support Busan’s bid to host World Expo 2030
2023.11.24 | SKinno News


“As the waves reach distant seas, the winds touch every corner of the world and the wings propel us into the future!”


As Busan journeys towards a more promising future for greater aspirations reaching beyond the borders of Korea and onto the global stage, members of SK Innovation and its affiliates worldwide have stepped forward to express their support as we await the announcement of the chosen host city for the 2030 Busan World Expo.


The members of SK Innovation and its subsidiaries across the world have collectively delivered their support with the aim of hosting the Expo in Busan. Notably over the past year, SK Innovation Vice Chairman and CEO Kim Jun embarked on a global tour on behalf of the leadership, including destinations to Africa, dedicating substantial efforts to garner support for this initiative.


As the pivotal decision to host the 2030 Busan World Expo approaches, members from various international business sites, including SK Battery America, SK Earthon Ho Chi Minh Branch, SK Earthon Kuala Lumpur Branch, SK Energy Europe, SK Energy International, SK Geo Centric Singapore Branch, SK Functional Polymer, SK hi-tech battery materials Poland, SK Innovation Lima Branch, and SK Primacor Europe have conveyed messages and shared photos, extending their heartfelt wishes for the successful hosting of the event. Despite diverse nationalities, the voices of SK Innovation members globally resonate with a passionate longing to see Busan as the venue for the World Expo.

In light of this, a member of SK Energy International expressed in her cheering message:

“Busan has exhibited the readiness of hosting the World Expo 2030 with its well-developed top notch technologies and infrastructure, captivating natural environment and enriching cultural hub. This megacity is undoubtedly a strong candidate to host this meaningful global festival and would provide a great platform for people from all over the world to celebrate the transformation for the Earth and Humanity. Busan definitely lives up to the theme of “Transforming Our World, Navigating Towards a Better Future”!”


Click on the video below for more from SK Innovation and its affiliates from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, London, Poland, Spain, France, Peru, and the U.S., expressing their support for Busan Expo 2030 in their own languages.


Even in this critical juncture, SK Innovation’s affiliates persist in their support for the Busan World Expo, transcending borders. Until the day Busan is officially confirmed as the host city, SK Innovation members worldwide will collaboratively strive towards realizing their shared aspiration.



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