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[Interview] Meet Park Jin-Hei, SK Innovation’s new Chairman of the Board
2023.07.11 | SKinno News

▲ Park Jin-Hei, Chairman of the Board of SK Innovation


In April this year, SK Innovation announced the appointing of Park Jin-Hei as Chairman of board of directors (BOD) of the company. Chairman was named as an independent director of SK Innovation in March of last year, and he has been active in the Future Strategy Committee and Personnel Evaluation and Compensation Committee under the BOD, contributing to the establishment of SK Innovation’s sustainable development strategy and fair personnel system.


Let’s meet Chairman Park, who showed his aspiration to help achieve SK Innovation’s Carbon to Green vision through transparent decision-making based on the board’s expertise and diversity, through our interview as below.

Q1. This is your first year as Chairman of the Board of SK Innovation. We’re curious about your determination for the future.

Since SK Innovation pursues BOD-centered management, I’m aware that the responsibility that I must carry is heavy. By discussing with the new members of the BOD what the senior directors have achieved so far after considering various challenges facing us, I will try my best to contribute to the accomplishment of SK Innovation’s Carbon to Green vision.

Q2. Could you share with us a bit about your activities as an independent director of SK Innovation since March last year?

I’ve tried to help the management deliberate about what to do for the long-term benefit of the company’s members and stakeholders, and for the growth of the company amidst the uncertain situation of the world currently.


Q3. What makes SK Innovation’s BOD different from other companies, in your opinion?

SK Group has the image of a young company even after the years pass that confronts challenges and makes achievements while looking to the future. The implementation of BOD-centered management is a great change in governance structure, which other companies in Korea haven’t fully implemented yet. We must leave a history of success as a company that is not afraid of change.

Q4.  What are you upcoming plans?

Through a transparent decision-making process based on the expertise and diversity of the BOD, we will contribute to the sustaining growth of SK Innovation. With collective intelligence, not groupthink, we are going to respond to challenges by “making hasty slowly” while remaining true to the principle.


Click the video below for the full interview with Chairman Park (with English subtitle)




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