Like father, like daughter – The love for environment of Nam Bong-woo (SK Energy) and his daughter Nam Hye-in
  Members of SK Innovation affiliates are carrying out eco-friendly activities in various ways. Among them, there is a father and daughter who continuously show affection for environment. This is the story of Nam Bong-woo, a member of Utilities Unit 1, SK Energy, and his daughter Nam Hye-in, a stationery/illustration artist. Nam Hye-in recently opened ...
2023 SK IE Technology New Year’s Greetings
A New Future Made by All Together   Dear Respected Members of SKIET!   The morning of 2023, the Year of Gyemyo (Black Rabbit), has begun. Happy New Year, and all good wishes to you in 2023.   I feel as if it was yesterday when I became the new CEO of SKIET last December, ...
2023 SK Incheon Petrochem CEO New Year’s Greetings
Let’s take a big leap forward as the Green Energy and Solution Provider this year!   The morning of 2023, the Year of Gyemyo (Black Rabbit), has begun. Happy New Year, and all good wishes to you in 2023.   Last year was like a roller coaster due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine ...
2023 SK On CEO New Year’s Greetings
“Let’s consolidate internal stability along with continued growth”   Dear SK On Family!   2023, the Year of the Hare has dawned. I wish you, all SK On family members, to start this New Year with full of hope and prosperity.   2022 was a meaningful year as we laid the foundation of growth as ...
2023 SK Geo Centric CEO New Year’s Greetings [ENG/ESP/FRN]
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2023 SK Energy CEO New Year's Greetings
Dear respected members of SK Energy,   As the year of Black Rabbit, the year 2023 has newly begun. As the rabbit leaps high, I hope all the members of SK Energy take a big leap of hope this year.   Looking back at 2022, SK Energy could achieve many meaningful results, including the greatest ...
2023 SK Innovation Vice Chairman & CEO 新年致辞
为了创造利益相关者的幸福,让我们一起开启新的60年!   各位SK Innovation的成员们!   2023年癸卯年新的一年到来了。衷心祝愿我们每一位成员和家人在新的一年里健康幸福。   2022年是公司成立60周年,虽然处于持续3年的疫情和地缘政治问题导致原材料供需不均衡、市场波动性较大的外部环境中,但是得益于所有成员的努力,我们取得了自公司成立以来前所未有的财务业绩。   与此同时,Financial Story和ESG经营的实施也朝着“Carbon to Green”的方向创造了丰硕的成果。   SK Innovation从Biz Portfolio转型的角度出发,开始正式投资小型模块化反应堆(Small Modular Reactor)、氨基燃料电池系统、废渣气化(Gasification)等,向确保New Green Portfolio迈出了坚实的一步 。   能源与化学关联公司在加强现有事业利润的同时, 为应对电气化(Electrification)和回收利用(Recycle)的大趋势,正式推进相关业务。SK Energy P&M CIC推进可分散式发电及电动汽车充电的超级能源站事业。SK Energy R&S CIC和SK Trading International推进向Petchem. Balanced Refinery的转型,并扩大可再生事业。SK Geo Centric构建了蔚山塑料回收产业集群(Plastic Recycle Cluster)。 最近公司新更名的SK Enmove进入数据中心液浸冷却(Immersion Cooling)领域。SK 仁川石油化学开展了与集团业务相关联的氢能事业。SK Earthon通过确保全球CCS储存库实现商业转型等,各个相关公司都为 Portfolio 的革新奠定了坚实的基础。   电池、材料领域关联公司SK On与美国福特公司的成立了合资公司BlueOval SK,SK IE Technology正式开始向越南最大的民营企业销售电池隔膜等, 让我们更加期待公司在全球市场中的快速发展。   同时,SK ...