[CoCo's Vlog] Let's go plogging and planting with SKBMP, a SK IE Technology's subsidiary in Poland
Welcome to our 3rd episode of CoCo’s Vlog, a series of videos recorded by SK Innovation’s Global Communication Coordinators.   CoCo is a nickname combined the two first syllables of Communication and Coordinator, who promote communication to connect SK Innovation’s global business sites and the headquarters.   Through the records of CoCos, we will be ...
[Into the World of SK] SK On Hungary (SKOH)
  Kim Yu-jin: Hello! Today, we are going to learn about SK On, a subsidiary of SK innovation that specializes in manufacturing EV batteries.   Park Keun-wook: Hello! I’m Park Keun-wook, from Battery Europe Marketing Unit 2, SK On. Nice to meet you!   Kim Yu-jin: Nice to meet you, too! Today’s destination on is ...
Hong Chang-ui, Asphalt/Bunkering Business Office, SK Energy: “I wish to contribute to building a warm society with my passion”
  Q1. Please introduce yourself and the roles of SK1004.   Hello, my name is Hong Chang-ui, a sales manager at Asphalt/Bunkering Business Office, SK Energy. I’m also a coordinator of SK1004, a volunteer group of SK Innovation. The roles of SK1004 coordinators are encouraging as many members of SK Innovation affiliates to participate in ...
SK Innovation and SK Energy members talk about AI applied Intelligent Wastewater Treatment Plant
▲ (Left) Jin Dong-bok, Environment Operation Unit, SK Energy and (right) Unit Cheong Ui-won, R&D Strategy Unit, SK Innovation   SK Innovation Ulsan Complex (hereinafter “Ulsan CLX”) is the first among oil refinery companies to have successfully built a wastewater treatment system using advanced AI technology – Intelligent Wastewater Plant (Intelligent WWTP). Through this, not ...
[Interview] Leader of Packaging Green Solution Squad Park So-young talks about the eco-friendly ice packs co-developed by SK Geo Centric
▲ Park So-young, Leader of Packaging Green Solution Squad, Packaging Division, SK Geo Centric   SK Geo Centric has recently launched an ice pack made up of recycled resin through joint development with “Market Kurly”, a Korean online shopping mall for fresh food distribution, which is famous for early morning delivery, for environmentally-friendly packaging materials. ...
[Interview] SK Innovation executives talk about plans in 2022, the first year of Financial Story execution ⑪ Head of SK Innovation Institute of Environmental Science & Technology Lee Seong-jun: “We are strengthening development of technologies that solve carbon issue and preparing for a new R&D center in the U.S.”
▲ Lee Seong-jun, Head of SK Innovation Institute of Environmental Science & Technology   Q1. In terms of Financial Story implementation, SK Innovation Institute of Environmental Science & Technology already started making some changes, including altering the organization’s name last year. What is your resolution for 2022 as Head of SK Innovation Institute of Environmental ...
Nam Gyu-min, Business Management Unit, SK On: "I am settled now from my concerns, as a happy member of SK"
▲ SK On Battery Planning Office Management Unit Nam Gyu-min   Due to prolonged global pandemic, job seekers are having harder time finding the right company. Nam Gyu-min, SK On’s Battery Planning Office Management Unit, who also had had worries about his future and career, has successfully found his place in SK On after all ...
[Interview] SK Innovation executives talk about plans in 2022, the first year of Financial Story execution ⑩ Head of Ulsan Complex, Yoo Jae-young “SK Innovation's Heart, Ulsan CLX will Evolve into a ‘Green Plant’”
▲ Head of SK Innovation Ulsan Complex, Jaeyoung Yoo   Q1. SK Innovation Ulsan Complex(hereinafter, Ulsan CLX) is referred to as the heart of SK Innovation. As the head of Ulsan CLX, what is your specific vision for 2022, the first year of implementing the Financial Story?   Despite the fact that COVID 19 discouraged ...
[Into the World of SK] SK hi-tech battery materials Poland (SKBMP)
  Kim Yu-Jin: Hello! Today, we’ll be going learn about SK ie technology (SKIET). SKIET is famous for its lithium-ion battery separator (LiBS) – a core material of electric vehicle battery, and the Flexible Cover Window, which is the brand name of the core material for flexible displays. Today! We have an assistant MC who ...
[Interview] SK Innovation executives talk about plans in 2022, the first year of Financial Story execution ⑨ CEO of SK Earthon Myeong Seong: “We will innovate the CCS business model and evolve into a CO2 minimizing operator”
▲ Myeong Seong, CEO of SK Earthon   Q1. 2022 is the first year that SK Earthon operates as an independent corporation after the spin-off from SK Innovation in last October. So first of all, we’d like to know your determination for this year.   SK Earthon is currently at the turning point of innovation ...
“一起分享的平等":SK Innovation全球成员如何庆祝国际妇女节
  国际妇女节从1900年代初开始一直遵守, 但是到1975年才被联合国指定为正式纪念日。 此后,每年3月8日, 全世界各国都庆祝妇女节,希望结束性别歧视,并尊重女性的贡献。   让我们通过与在SK Innovation不同事业现场工作的3名女性成员的对话,了解一下世界各地如何纪念国际妇女节:爱思开能源润滑油(天津) SK Lubricants China 中国经营支援部的宫昭毅、 SK On 匈牙利(科马罗姆)的SHE工程师Nagy Zsófia、SK Primacor 欧洲的供应链&客户服务经理Miriam Valero Thorsson。      
‘Equality that We Share’ – How SK Innovation members across the globe celebrate International Women’s Day
  Women’s Day has been observed since early 1900s, but it only became an official anniversary designated by UN in 1975. Since then, on March 8th every year, multiple countries all over the world celebrate the International Women’s Day in hope for the end of gender discrimination, and to honor women for their contribution.   ...