SK Innovation affiliates around the world spread happiness to their members and families
2023.08.21 | SKinno News

▲ Members and their families at the Family Day event around the world.


SK Innovation’s domestic and overseas subsidiaries held various events with employees and their family members in celebration of the summer season.

| China Division of SK Geo Centric

The China Division of SK Geo Centric held a Family Day event on July 23 at SK Tower in Shanghai, China. The company members and their families participated in activities to learn more about the company and shared a luncheon and snack time together. There were also hands-on activities for children, such as body painting and science experiments. The flower arrangement program for adults also added to the fun of the event.

A member of SK Geo Centric in China who participated in the Family Day event said, “The SK Family Day event went ahead as scheduled. Through the event, family members were able to gain a better understanding of the company’s work and feel closer to each other. The children were happily educated through quizzes and interactions, raised awareness of environmental protection, and were able to obtain small block toys. Families of colleagues also got to know each other and the bond among colleagues deepened, strengthening the team’s solidarity. It has been a very successful event and we are looking forward to our next Family Day event.”

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▲ Members of the China Business Management Office of SK Geo Centric and their families participated in the Family Day event held on July 23, 2023 at SK Tower in Shanghai, China.

| SK hi-tech battery materials Poland

SK hi-tech battery materials Poland (SKBMP), which represents SK IE Technology (SKIET)’s production base in Poland, held their Family Day event split into two parts, one at the SKBMP plant and the main one in Dąbrowa Górnicza City on July 29.

SKBMP members and their families had the opportunity to visit the factory and see for themselves what it’s like to work on the production line and how separators for lithium-ion batteries are made. After that, many attractions and activities were provided for members and their family such as an entertainment zone for young children, creative zones, a Limbo dance contest, etc. so they could spend a memorable time together.

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▲ SKBMP members and their families attended the Family Day event by participating in plant tours and activities on July 29 at the SKBMP plant and Dąbrowa Górnicza City.

| SK Incheon Petrochemical and SK Innovation Headquarters

Meanwhile, in Korea, SK Incheon Petrochemical (SKIPC) is conducting volunteer activities while resting with members and their families during the summer vacation season from July 3 to August 31. The volunteer work is “plogging,” an activity that combines jogging and picking up litter to reduce pollution. It is part of SK Innovation’s EnviRun campaign, an environmental program that has been participated by not only the company employees, but also their friends, families and cooperating organizations. Bags and tongs are provided by the company. Another volunteer activity that is currently in progress at SKIPC is “Moa Star.” “Moa” means “to gather” in Korean, and the volunteer that gathers the most PET bottle caps will essentially be the “Moa Star.” Once the bottle caps are collected, they are washed and donated. The bottle caps are then reborn as upcycled products and distributed to those in need. The volunteer activity that stood out the most was the coloring book for the elderly. Members and their families put together a coloring book with pictures and messages that can be downloaded at home or made coloring books with their hand-drawn pictures on recycled paper. The coloring books were shared with the elderly as a means to help prevent dementia.

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▲ SKIPC members and families engaged in the EnviRun campaign, ‘Moa Star,’ and the coloring book volunteering program from July 3 to August 31.


The event activities at both domestic and international events were first introduced at the annual SK Innovation Open House that takes place at HQ in South Korea. The open house was organized as part of SK Innovation’s “Happy Walk” program to give members and their families a chance to enjoy an unforgettable and precious time together. With the explosive response from the open house, SK Innovation integrated these activities into other events.

▲ SK Innovation members and their families participated in the Open House event held in SK Seorin Building, Seoul, South Korea on May 20 and 21.


Through these efforts, SK Innovation can continue to spread the happiness, love, and care they provide their members all the way to their families and future generations as well.


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