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沈静远, SK 综合化学上海 : “不止一个工作场所,我们可以在公司体验多种活动。”
  大家好! 我是在SK 综合化学上海法人经营支援室财务部门的沈静远。   除了我的主要工作财务业务以外,我在2020年时担任SKGC财务部门的iCON*,在年初时受到疫情的原因,刚开始的iCON活动较为困难,但随着中国的疫情好转以及HR推进的主题开展,iCON活动也渐渐展开,一年总iCON活动为10次,其中部门内部讨论5次,部门间活动5次。 (*) iCON是Innovation Communication ON的缩写,是主导SK Innovation管理层/领导与成员之间沟通的组织。   部门内部讨论围绕着新HR制度,One Family, 幸福Letter, 幸福Commitment,年度总结这些主题进行,讨论地点有公司会议室,Café-room, 轻松的外部咖啡厅,不同的环境给同事们更畅所欲言的气氛,我们部门讨论的结果也和HR沟通后得到回馈,完成了自上而下,自下而上的有效沟通。   ▲SK 综合化学上海法人成员们参加了部门内活动   部门间活动也尽量多样化的形式进行,有传统的聚餐,也有保龄球、溜冰等等,大家自愿报名参加活动,跨部门活动中成员间互相帮忙搬水、相互指导保龄球和溜冰技巧、抽签组队计分比赛,Team长和我们也一起活动,带上了专业的溜冰鞋,在冰上风驰电掣。这样跨部门活动促进了中韩成员、不同级别、不同部门间同事的了解,在日后业务交流也更加顺畅,同时也达成了部分同事的幸福Commitment(如:学会一项运动,健身等)。   作为iCON,我感觉iCON活动是个成员和成员,成员和公司交流的平台,以企业文化、公司动向、热点话题、工作业务交流为主题进行的主动性、双向的互联,带给成员频频充电,带来满满“幸福”感。   ▲(左侧)我在办公室里工作时 / (右侧)我出演在GBS新年首播节目时   去年年末,我接到了SK Innovation GBS 2021年首播邀请,感到特别高兴。该节目是我和SK Innovation的全球成员成为记者而传达我们公司事业消息的特别节目。虽然准备的时间不多,这次是一个很精彩的经验 。虽然拍摄入镜的仅仅是我个人,但我得到周围很多同事的支持。 他们交谈了很多有关拍摄的内容,对GBS内容和制作过程表现出了极大的关注。有的员工纷纷提供简单的拍摄工具,分享录像美颜化妆技巧,还建议我加入“红包”道具体现中国过年的特色,大家兴致勃勃地从GBS的观众粉丝变成了小小PD,并体验“当网红出道”的感觉。   对于像我们这样的全球成员来说,参与这次活动可以说是成为SK Innovation大家庭成员的好机会。   我希望以后也能有更多成员参与各种活动的机会。   ☞ English version  
Shen Jing Yuan, SK Global Chemical Shanghai: “More than a working place, we can have diversified experiences at our company.”
  Hello, I’m Shen Jing Yuan, and I’m working in China Business Management Office at SK Global Chemical Shanghai Office.   Aside from my main position as a finance specialist, last year I was chosen as an iCON* of our department. When COVID-19 hit us in the beginning of 2020, it had been really difficult ...
Monika Bala, SK IE Technology: “There are always chances to bring fresh breeze to your life.”
  Hi !nnovation!   My name is Monika, and you might have seen me in the recent contents of SKinno News and GBS. I’m a mechanical engineer and translator working at SK hi-tech battery materials Poland (LiBS Poland), an overseas subsidiary of SK IE Technology. Today I would like to share with you my special ...
“Hi 2021!” - SK Innovation members’ New Year wishes and resolutions
  According to Chinese Zodiac sign, 2021 is a year of the White Metal Ox. In Asia, it is a highly regarded animal for its importance in agriculture and often associated with harvests and fertility. The Ox also represents strength, diligence, gratitude and loyalty. Therefore, 2021 is expected to be a healthy year, and those ...
Moments of 2020 – A look back at precious memories shared by SK Innovation members after a tough year
  It has been a tough year to everyone, but finally 2020 is coming to an end. Before saying goodbye to the Pandemic year, we had a chance to look back at the happy stories shared by members of SK Innovation all around the world. Everyone has his/her own precious moments in 2020, despite the ...
[SKinno People] Leonid Bokov, SK Lubricants Russia
    As 2020 is going to end soon,  we will take you to the last destination of SKinno People series this year: Russia – the largest country in the world.   Talking about Russia, there are many things that will come to everyone’s mind: Vodka, Matryoshka dolls, Kalinka dance, Kremlin, Lake Baikal, Red Square, ...
"No dudes, sigue desafiándote" - El excepcional viaje de Kim Ji-woo, Unidad de Valor Social, SK Innovation
  Q1. En primer lugar, preséntese de forma breve.   Hola, me llamo Kim Ji-woo, miembro del equipo de Valor Social del Centro de Creación de Valor en ¨SK Innovation¨. Me encuentro a cargo de varios programas de RSE (“Great Music Festival”, un evento anual por Discapacidades del Desarrollo) y proyectos voluntarios para los miembros de ...
“Don’t hesitate, keep challenging" - The special journeys of Kim Ji-woo, Social Value Unit, SK Innovation
  Q1. First of all, please briefly introduce yourself.   Hello, my name is Kim Ji-woo, a member of Social Value Unit of the Value Creation Center, SK Innovation. I am in charge of various CSR programs, including GMF (Great Music Festival, an annual event for the Developmental Disabilities) and volunteer projects for SK Innovation members ...
[SKinno People] Wu Xiao Zhou, SK Global Chemical Shanghai Branch
  After our viral trip to Poland last month, this time our destination is China, the country with largest number of global business/manufacturing sites of SK Innovation.   Especially, this video is about a member working at Shanghai – one of the top financial centers in the world. His name is Wu Xiao Zhou and he ...
[SKinno People] Zaneta Kaniecka, SK hi-tech battery materials Poland, SK IE Technology
    You can find the answers for those questions through SKinno People, a series introducing the members of SK Innovation across our global network.   Last month, we presented the first guest of the series – Majid Abbasi, a principal research scientist at the Institute of Technology Innovation. Have you checked his video? If not, please click ...
[Holiday special] How SK Innovation global members spend Chuseok amidst COVID-19
    The closer Chuseok is coming, the more people miss their hometowns and families. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this year there are many global members who cannot meet their families in their home country. Through our little chit-chat with them, let’s see how they are doing abroad, especially what difficulties they undergo due to ...
[中秋节特辑] SK Innovation的交谈: 虽身在远方, 心却在一起
  随着中秋节的临近,人们会格外思念家乡和家人。但是由于新冠肺炎疫情影响,今年在国外的一些员工不能与本国的家人团聚。他们在国外怎样度过,尤其在全球新冠肺炎大流行的情况下,他们面临哪些困难,就此我们进行了交谈。虽然存在空间上的距离,让我们互相鼓励,让彼此的心始终连在一起!       ☞ English version