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[Interview] Meet Kim Joo-youn, an Independent Director of SK Innovation
2023.08.09 | SKinno News

▲ Kim Joo-youn, an Independent Director of SK Innovation


On March 30 this year, Kim Joo-youn was appointed as a new Independent Director of SK Innovation.

With more than three decades of expertise in the consumer goods sector, Kim previously held roles as the CEO and President of P&G Korea, Vice President of P&G Gillette Asia, and Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of P&G Grooming.

Let’s meet Director Kim Joo-youn, who is committed to elevating SK Innovation as an even better company through effective communication.

Q1. What is your expectation as the new Independent Director of SK Innovation?

I’m aware that SK Innovation operates across a very extensive and broad scope of industries, from conventional energy businesses such as the petrochemical industry to next generation energy like batteries, materials, and recycling. Given my limited familiarity with these fields, I’m eager to study and learn about such fields so that I can contribute to rational decision-making.

Q2. What role would you like to take as part of SK Innovation board of directors?

I believe communication is a key element for decision-making. I’d like to engage in active communication, not only with the other independent directors but also with SK Innovation’s leaders and members to help the company grow into a better corporation.

Q3. Could you share a few more words with SK Innovation members?

I’m very glad to be in the same boat with the SK Innovation members. Being an Independent Director at SK Innovation, a trailblazer in the energy sector for more than six decades and now at the forefront of spearheading future transformation, brings me immense joy along with a profound sense of responsibility. I eagerly anticipate opportunities to engage collaboratively to contribute towards the enhancement of the company. Thank you.


Click the video below for the full interview (with English subtitles)


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