SK Innovation
SK Innovation held 2022 Year-end Global Communication Coordinators Workshop in Korea
▲ SK Innovation’s Global Communication Coordinators take a group photo during their trip to Korea to attend the 2022 Year-end Global Communication Coordinators Workshop from November 23 to 25 (KST).   With the year drawing to a close, SK Innovation invited Global Communication Coordinators (“Comm. Coordinators”) to Korea, where the company’s headquarters and first manufacturing ...
[SKinno People] Cecilia Foy (SK Earthon Lima Branch)
    Peru, a Pacific coastal country in central South America, is the center of Inca culture and its ruins.   It is also considered to have one of the best natural sceneries, and famous for its many delicious foods.   Today, we came to Peru to meet the 15th guest of SKinno People: Cecilia ...
[SK Innovation’s Q3 2022 Financial Results] Recording sales of KRW 22.75 trillion and operating profit of KRW 703.9 billion
■ QoQ decrease in operating profit due to the drop in oil prices and refining margin, affected by concern about the global economic recession – Operating profit of the refining business had a QoQ decrease by KRW 1.9126 trillion, caused by the drop in oil prices and refining margin, while the petrochemical business recorded increased ...
SK Innovation’s members across the world join to support Busan’s bid to host World Expo 2030
  “Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future.”   – South Korea’s theme for the World EXPO in 2030 in Busan –     As reported earlier, all subsidiaries of SK Innovation (SK Energy, SK Geo Centric, SK On, SK Lubricants, SK IE Technology, SK Incheon Petrochem, SK Trading International, and SK Earthon) are ...
Meet the heroes behind SK Energy and SK Geo Centric’s Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) certification
  On July 20, SK Energy and SK Geo Centric acquired the Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) validation, the international certification that is given to companies with an 80% waste diversion rate and above. This achievement is meaningful as it proves SK Innovation’s genuine effort to implement the Carbon to Green strategy.       ...
SK Innovation and its affiliates launch their efforts for Busan's bid to host the 2030 World Expo in and outside of Korea
■ Promotions backing Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo were held in various places in Korea such as the media wall at Seoul headquarters, the electronic signboard at the Jeju World Cup Stadium, etc. ■ SK Innovation will also support the hosting of the 2030 Busan World Expo at the world’s largest plastics ...
[Card News] Ever heard of the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies?
  Did you know that September 7th is the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies?   2022 marks the third year of this Day, and this year it is under the theme of ‘The Air We Share’.   Let’s check the card news below to learn more about the background of this special ...
SK Innovation releases the “2022 Net Zero Special Report”: Determined to lead the transition to Net Zero by promoting Scope 3 carbon reduction and contribute to Avoided Emissions
■ SK Innovation published “One Step Closer to Net Zero,” the second Net Zero special report, on August 31 ■ “Beyond Net Zero” strategy combines the company’s contribution to global carbon reduction with its efforts to reduce Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions ■ Head of ESG Development Office, “the Report reflects the demands of major ...
SK Innovation is evaluated as a leading global green energy company through “Big Picture,” and “Deep Change”
■ The Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation announced a research analysis on SK Innovation’s points for its innovative growth as the company celebrates its 60th foundation anniversary – Through the late Chairman Chey Jong-hyon’s “Big Picture,” and Chairman Chey Tae-won’s “Deep Change,” SK Innovation has grown from an oil refiner into a global green energy leader ■ ...
SK Innovation measures the impact of GHG from the entire process of gasoline in real time and becomes the first in Korean industry to acquire global certification
■ The company’s self-developed measurement system for carbon footprint from energy/chemical products acquired international certification by an independent certifier. ■ The system automatically calculates the lifetime greenhouse gas emission of gasoline, diesel, ethylene, propylene, and other major energy/chemical products. ■ “A quantitative assessment of the company’s effort for Net Zero… expecting to achieve the Net ...
SK Innovation's 2022 PR campaign: "Let's Grin with Green Innovation"
  SK Innovation has launched 2022 global brand campaign entitled “Let’s Grin with Green Innovation”.   Through a child’s monologue, the company shows how its Green Innovation can bring a cleaner and happier tommorow to everyone.   Let’s check SK Innovation’s new campaign by visiting our Youtube channel or clicking the video below:    
SK Innovation Ulsan CLX recycles 100% waste materials via Solid Bed Merox (SBM) process
▲ The Solid Bed Merox (SBM) Process at SK Innovation Ulsan Complex   The Solid Bed Merox (SBM) refers to the process of producing aviation fuel, and it requires raw kerosene as a raw material, so it contains a large number of substances that give off unpleasant smell and erode facilities. Therefore, the filtering task ...