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[Interview] Meet Lee Bok-hee, an Independent Director of SK Innovation
2023.07.18 | SKinno News

▲ Lee Bok-hee, an Independent Director of SK Innovation


On March 30 this year, at the 16th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of SK Innovation, Lee Bok-hee was formally appointed as a new Independent Director of the company.


Lee previously served as the CEO of DuPont Korea for 20 years, playing various roles in the field of electronic materials. Currently, she holds the position of CEO at Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials CMP Korea, a subsidiary of the DuPont Korea Group.


Let’s meet Lee Bok-hee, a new Independent Director of SK Innovation, who will bring a wealth of new perspectives based on her extensive experience in managing global companies.

Q1. What is your expectation as the new Independent Director of SK Innovation?

As SK Innovation is already a global corporation, I think that I will be able to make fresh contributions by drawing upon my various experiences. In doing so, I’d like to maintain a sense of gratification in my work.

Q2. What role would you like to take as part of SK Innovation board of directors?

I was in a multinational corporation, where I had experiences of working with various people from the U.S., Japan, China, Europe, and so on. Therefore, I’d like to give the company new perspectives based on such diverse experiences. Since the board of directors always needs to make the safest and optimum decisions in any circumstances, I’d like to contribute to making those decisions.


Q3. Could you share a few more words with SK Innovation members?

I believe that when individuals confidently express their opinions about the direction they have and are provided with ample opportunities to actively showcase their capabilities, they can achieve greater success and find joy in their work. This in turn will lead to a sense of accomplishment within a positive working-environment.


Click the video below for the full interview (with English subtitles)




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