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SK Innovation’s endeavor to achieve Decarbonization by taking Green Transformation ⑤ SK Lubricants aims for “Zero environmental concerns” to make a green sustainable future.
2021.10.15 | SKinno News



In the fifth episode of the Green Transformation series, we are going to learn more about SK Lubricants’ eco-friendly lubricant project for green transformation aimed at sustainable future.


From the commercials to the products, SK Lubricants is earnestly setting the examples to build an eco-friendly system. Here is the interview with Lee Jung-woo, Chief of Lubricants Global Business Division, SK Lubricants.



▲ Lee Jung-woo, Chief of Lubricants Global Business Division, SK Lubricants.


| What is the background of SK Lubricants’ latest commercial, which was made in a wholly eco-friendly way?


Until now, the lubricant business of SK Lubricants has led the market for eco-friendly lubricants with various products such as engine oil that reduces carbon emission and lubricant products for electric vehicles.


To go beyond that, when we prepared for the new commercial for our products, we started from asking ourselves: “How about making a commercial of an eco-friendly lubricant in an eco-friendly way? Won’t it be able to deliver a better message that shows our sincere efforts?” That was how we started making the commercial in the most eco-friendly way possible. I hope more customers can notice our earnest efforts and the eco-friendly aspects of our lubricant business.


| Could you specifically point out the eco-friendly elements in the commercial?


To film the commercial, we used natural light and lightings that are self-powered, and use less background computer graphic images. Our intention was to reduce even the carbon generated in the advertising production process. Also, a part of this new commercial is combined from some previous cuts that already appeared in the old videos. Moreover, the posters were also printed on eco-friendly paper made from 100% biodegradable sugar cane.



▲ (Left) A screenshot of the commercial of SK ZIC ZERO. SK Lubricants made the commercial in eco-friendly ways. / (Right) SK ZIC ZERO’s commercial poster, printed on, biodegradable paper, made of sugarcanes.


| Will you introduce the product in the commercial, SK ZIC ZERO?


As many already knew, SK ZIC is our eco-friendly lubricant product line that reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions by improving fuel efficiency. Among them, SK ZIC ZERO is particularly made maximizing such strengths with its ultra-low viscosity. In addition, SK Lubricants’ unique technology ensures excellent engine protection performance even in low-viscosity environments.


| You also made the container in eco-friendly ways, didn’t you?



▲ SK ZIC ZERO uses the container made of recycled plastic for the first in Korea


Yes, we did. SK ZIC ZERO uses the container made of recycled plastic. We are the first in Korea that made it. Even among the major companies in the global market for lubricants, no one had used recycled plastic before SK Lubricants. I think this proves that we are in the leading position to build the circular economy.


Last year, we saved 21 tons of plastic, even just in a demonstrative application. This year, we expect the effect to become bigger, because we have extended the practice to our major product lines, too. Also, we are studying to increase the use of recycled plastic, which stand at 20%. Meanwhile, we are going to share the technologies and tips for business we secured in this process with other competitors via KLOIA (Korea Lubricating Oil Industries Association), so that we can expect to help building the circular economy ecosystem.


| What is the green transformation strategy of SK Lubricants’ lubricant business?


The ultimate goal of our green transformation strategy is to transform the portfolio centered by the lubricants for internal combustion engine into that of eco-friendly lubricants for non-ICEs, to achieve sustainable development. As a midterm plan, we are going to conduct our business focused on eco-friendly engine oil products. Then, as our long-term goal, we will change our portfolio with e-fluids, such as products for electric vehicels and eco-friendly lubricants.


Apart from the SK ZIC ZERO products mentioned above, we are going to expand our eco-friendly lubricant product lines, for example, low-viscosity engine oils for bigger cargo trucks. In addition, in order to build an e-Fluids portfolio, we are trying to bring in many electric vehicle and components manufacturers, and we are seeing positive results coming.



▲ SK ZIC X7000 CK-4 10W-40 is a SK Lubricants’ eco-friendly lubricant product specialized for trucks with bigger diesel engines.


| What will be SK Lubricants’s green transformation strategy in the future, at the company level?


At the company level, SK Lubricants is engaged in many eco-friendly projects in various business sectors, not restricted to vehicle-related areas. I can name a few, such as the project regenerate waste lubricating oil into high-quality base oil, or the eco-friendly oil cooling system project for the Data Center. Ultimately, we will keep striving until the green transformation is accomplished not only within SK Lubricants, but all over the society.




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