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SK Lubricants launches a promotional event for the cargo truck engine oil that enhances mileage and protects the DPF
2022.06.03 | SKinno News

■ From June 1 to September 30, SK Lubricants will give out free fuel coupons to those who visit ZIC PRO authorized shops and change their engine oil with X9000 and X7000.

– SKL’s leading eco-friendly super-low-viscosity lubricants improve mileage, protect the engine, and conserve the environment by protecting the DPF.

■ “We will continue striving to develop and produce eco-friendly products that increase mileage, work hard to lower the economic burden of the consumers, and reduce environmental pollution.”


SK Lubricants will launch a promotional event for their eco-friendly lubricants SK ZIC X9000 and X7000 engine oil. The event will last for four months, from June 1 to September 30.


The company prepared this event to inform the consumers of its newly released engine oil. The new products effectively increase the travel mileage and protect the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) from harm. These products are SK ZIC X9000 5W-30 CK-4 and X7000 10W-30 CK-4. They are leading eco-friendly lubricant products with super low viscosity and are mainly used as engine oils for huge cargo trucks.

* DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter): A device designed to reduce exhaust emissions


Cargo truck drivers can visit the ZIP PRO authorized shops in the country during the period to exchange their engine oils with SK ZIC X9000 5W-30 CK-4 and X7000 10W-30 CK-4 products to receive free SK fuel coupons worth KRW 20,000 and KRW 10,000.


Currently, those that are mostly used in the market are engine oils with high viscosity that protect the engine from the rough and long travels of cargo trucks. However, the higher the viscosity is, the mileage becomes lower. SK Lubricants successfully worked to develop an engine oil that solves the problem. With its excellent technologies, the company was able to develop the super-low-viscosity engine oil that increases driving mileage while protecting the engine from damage.


The vehicle test of the products was held in cooperation with Hanjin last year, wherein its parcel delivery trucks used SK Lubricants’ products. As a result, the performance increased on average by 3.1% for the X9000 5W-30 compared to the company’s existing product, 15W-40 CJ-4. As for the X7000 10W-30 CK-4, the mileage was increased by 2.5% on average. This means that the 11-ton cargo trucks that have an annual travel distance of 130,000 km can save the fuel cost of up to *KRW 1.96 million (approximately USD 1,500) using the X9000 5W-30.

* The calculation is based on the diesel price last March 2021 uploaded on the Korean Statistical Information Service (KRW 1,826/L).


An official from SK Lubricants said, “X9000 and X7000 excellently protect the truck engines. Not only that, they’re friendly to the environment by protecting the DPF and reducing exhaust emissions.” He added that the company will continue to strive down the road to develop and release green products that ensure high mileage, lessen the economic burden of the consumers, and reduce pollution.



Poster of SK Lubricants engine oil promotion event for trucks

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