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SK Enmove joins GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program for data center immersion cooling
2023.02.20 | SKinno News

■ SK Enmove will work with GRC to deliver more efficient and resilient data centers globally


SK Enmove announced on February 20 (KST) that the company is joining GRC’s ElectroSafe® Fluid Partner Program. GRC® (Green Revolution Cooling®) is the global leader in immersion cooling for data centers.


The ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program evaluates and validates dielectric fluids designed for use in GRC’s immersion cooling systems, ensuring globally available, environmentally responsible solutions that not only meet material compatibility, performance, and safety, but also ensure that they meet customer expectations for improved data center energy efficiency, cooling capacity, and reliability.


With the participation of SK Enmove, which currently stands as one of the top electric vehicles (EV) fluid providers in the market, in the program, GRC’s global data center customer base will have access to SK Enmove’s proprietary immersion cooling fluids. The partnership will also provide an opportunity for the two companies to collaboratively develop and improve upon new fluid formulations and advancements.


SK Enmove’s proprietary engineered thermal fluid has been developed to optimize cooling for immersion-cooled data centers, providing data center operators with the peace-of-mind of increased cooling efficiency and fire stability. Additionally, the engineered thermal fluid also improves the performance of server output and system safety. By utilizing SK Enmove’s thermal fluid, data center operators can also realize reduced operational costs and a reduction in environmental impact. The fluid has been engineered to withstand the life of the equipment and can be recycled and reused after decommissioning.


“With data centers significantly increasing density, coupled with renewed attention on energy efficiency, demand for a better thermal solution is growing rapidly. We look forward to working with GRC to provide our customers the value-added benefits of critical infrastructure longevity and reduction in operating costs, with our new engineered thermal fluid,” said Kim Wone-kee, Head of Green Growth Division at SK Enmove. “This partnership also marks a pivotal step for our organization as we expand our business area beyond the existing lubricants business. Through the program, we believe we could enhance our competitiveness in the thermal management solutions business, which is the future direction of the company.”


“SK Enmove and GRC have been collaborating on using SK’s engineered thermal fluid in GRC systems, and today’s announcement formalizes the work and solidifies our relationship. The partnership will provide our joint global customers with a range of new options when it comes to cooling their data centers,” said Ben Smith, Chief Product Officer of GRC. “By deploying liquid immersion cooling, data center operators can reduce their carbon footprint mostly through the reduction in power usage. Today’s partnership will not only help reduce the environmental impact of data centers, but our collaboration on new fluid formulations will help strengthen future data centers.”




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