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[CES 2023] Into the 1nnovation! ③ Future lubricant solutions for energy efficiency
2022.12.28 | SKinno News


SK Group has set and been taking actions to reach the goal of contributing 1% of global carbon reduction target. As a member of SK Group, SK Innovation, along with all its subsidiaries, is also taking the lead in the Net Zero journey by implementing “Carbon to Green” strategy to transform into a Green Energy & Materials Company.


Such efforts of SK Innovation affiliates will be showcased at CES 2023, the largest tech event in the world held in Las Vegas, the U.S. Through SKinno News’ latest series – “Into the 1nnovation!” we will give you a sneak peek at what SK Innovation and its subsidiaries will bring to the upcoming exhibition.


In the third part of “Into the 1nnovation!” we are going to learn about the carbon reduction technologies of SK Enmove, another subsidiary of SK Innovation. The company has changed its corporate name from SK Lubricants to SK Enmove on December 1, aiming to be an “Energy Saving Company” according to its Financial Story. SK Enmove is fortifying the current lube base oil and lubricant oil business, while actively expanding new businesses such as lubricants for electric vehicles and thermal management.

| EV Fluid (EVF)

▲ SK Enmove’s EVF (EV Fluid)


The main roles of electric vehicle (EV) fluid are to cool down electric motor, reduction gear and other parts quickly, and to cut off unnecessary electrical flows inside drivetrains.


SK Enmove, which tops the global premium base oil market, started developing lubricants for EV (EV fluid) in 2010 and has been supplying them to global automakers since 2013. SK Enmove’s EV Fluid (EVF) uses tailored additive components that meets the diverse requirements of global OEMs. It can prevent degradation and protect major components under high speed and extreme pressure to avoid premature wear or failure. With EVF, the motors can be used for a longer time and the battery efficiency is improved, so the vehicle mileage can be increased.


As electrical and thermal conductivity are important for EV fluid, it is better to use high-quality paraffinic base oil to produce EV fluid. Accordingly, SK Enmove is actively utilizing YUBASE – its own premium base oil that match this standard, to further solidify its position as the No. 1 player in the global automobile market, which is shifting towards EV.

| Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling

▲ Actual application case of Data Center Immersion Cooling Solution of GRC, which was invested by SK Enmove


Liquid immersion cooling solution is the next generation thermal management technology. This solution enables data centers to maximize cooling efficiency by immersing servers directly into high-performance non-conductive coolant. Compared with conventional air-cooling solution, it can lower total data center power usage by 30% by eliminating most of the energy used for cooling, dramatically reducing power usage, and thus reducing carbon emissions as well.


With its industry-leading partner GRC, SK Enmove is accelerating its business expansion to become a global liquid-based thermal management solution provider.



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