[Voices at the sites] SK Earthon Lima Branch: Contributing to a good cause while bonding with colleagues through plogging activity


On April 26th, 16 members of SK Earthon Lima Branch gathered at the seaside in District of Barranco to participate in EnviRun for the Earth (“EnviRun” in short) Plogging Week, a volunteer program initiated by SK Innovation to enhance the social awareness of environmental protection. This is the first time Lima members had a chance to join an activity in person together after two years of working from home. Let’s hear the story of Ana Tokushima, HR and Administration Manager at SK Earthon Lima Branch, to learn more about her plogging experience with colleagues and the working culture of the company.


| A good chance to enhance the awareness of environmental protection


In Lima, the sea is close to our office, so it took only half an hour to drive from our office to the starting point of the plogging activity. It was the first time that we left outdoors and joined a group activity in person after two years since COVID-19 struck here, so everyone was enthusiastic and happy to share time together contributing to a good cause while enjoying a sunny day with nice weather.


We gathered four large bags of plastic, bottles, papers, cigarettes butts, etc. after plogging for a while along the seaside. This activity helped us enhance awareness of the need to take care of the environment, and even with small actions could impact to keep our planet clean and save natural resources. “Let’s use less water, paper, and single-use plastic, and walk or ride a bicycle than a car,” that was the thought that I would like to share with the others through this meaningful program.


▲ Ana Tokushima, HR and Administration Manager, SK Earthon Lima Branch joined her coworkers in the EnviRun plogging program held in District of Barranco, Lima, Peru, on April 26 (local time)


| A good memory to share with coworkers


The plogging event this time does not only help the natural environment, but also make our working environment better by bringing trust and harmony to teamwork.


I have been working in SK for almost 11 years and have enjoyed participating in several activities with my colleagues like watching movies, bowling, trap room, visiting museums, going to a concert, having Korean food, sharing lunch and dinner, etc. These activities allow us to relax, and what is more important, to know each other better, strengthen the sense of belonging and tightening our bond. The plogging event this time also plays the same roles, alongside with creating positive impacts to the environment.


Besides, our branch has four newcomers who started working in 2021 and early 2022, when we were still working from home, so this was also the very first time they joined an activity with the rest of the staffs. All of us were happy and had a lot of fun having lunch in a restaurant with beautiful sea view.


▲ SK Earthon Lima Branch members participated in the EnviRun plogging program held in District of Barranco, Lima, Peru, on April 26 (local time)


I feel very proud and happy to work in SK, which respects its individuals, and respects the differences. I could see that all members engaged in all activities, where it is business-related or not, with positive minds, good skills and knowledge, along with great teamwork. In addition, integrity and commitment are the main values that I always can feel at Lima Branch. Even when we experienced some changes with the members here, but the essence remains the same. This good working environment makes us happy and generates pride and satisfaction. I hope we will keep this spirit and there will be more chances for us to do good things together.



Author | SKinno News