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SK Innovation to hold EnviRun Plogging Week from April 18 to 29 worldwide
2022.04.14 | SKinno News

▲ On April 11, Kim Jun, Vice Chairman & CEO of SK Innovation, participated in plogging activity in the areas around Jongno-gu, Seoul, with the new members of the company. – The following event was held in strict compliance with COVID-19 disease prevention measures.


| CEO’s activity to signal Plogging Week from April 18 to 29


On April 11, Kim Jun, Vice Chairman & CEO of SK Innovation, participated in plogging acitivty in the areas around Jongno-gu, Seoul, where SK Innovation Headquaters is located. This plogging campaign was initiated by SK Innovation in 2021, and it was called Sanhaejinmi in Korea. The English name of the campaign is EnviRun for the Earth, or EnviRun in short.


Vice Chairman Kim’s plogging activity this time was meaningful in many ways, and the most important one is that it signifies the Plogging Week, which will take palce from April 18 to 29. During the Plogging Week, all the business sites of SK Innovation (companies, factories, offices, branches, etc.) inside and outside the country will participating in plogging activities at their respective places. The goal of this large scale campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection, while also emphasing the genuine efforts of all SK Innovation’s members to build a greener, better world.


The fact that Vice Chairman Kim has always been one of the first leaders of the company to take part in this campaign since last year also proves his leadership in ESG management, setting an example for the other leaders and members of SK Innovation to follow. Not only that, Vice Chairman Kim’s initiative and the active participation of the members since the first days of the campaigns reflectes SK Innovation’s voluntary spirit, which is part of SK’s corporate culture.


On this day, Vice Chairman Kim reminded everyone, including those at the global business sites of SK Innovation and its subsidiaries, of the importance of this campaign because we are all facing environmental issues caused by plastic wastes. He also emphasized that this campaign should go beyond South Korea and spead to other countries as well as a frequent activity if we really wish to make a change to protect the Earth.


To prepare for the global expansion of this campaign, SK Innovation has made English name and Chinese name that can convey the meaning of it to non Korean speakers. In English, it is called “EnviRun for the Earth” or “EnviRun” in short, which is a combination of the words “Environment” and “Running.” In Chinese, the name of the campaign is “山海真美” (which means “The true beauty of Mountains and Seas”), along with the slogan “健康漫跑, 文明拾光.”


▲ Official logos and images for SK Innovation’s Plogging Campaign in Korean, English and Chinese.


Started as a program for SK Innovation’s members, the campaign was expanded to be a national campaign in South Korea. Last year, a total of 160,000 citizens in the country participated, picking up more than 240 tons of plastic wastes and garbage, and their total walking distance is equivalent to walking eight times around the Earth. This year, SK Innovation plans to expand the scale, expecting about 300,000 people in South Korea to join the campaign.


| Meaningful time between the CEO and new members


Vice Chairman Kim’s plogging acitivity on April 11 was also joined by the new members of the company, who entered SK Innovation early this year.


▲ On April 11, Vice Chairman Kim Jun participated in plogging activity in the areas around Jongno-gu, Seoul, with the new members of the company


This day marked the 100th of the new members since they became part of SK Innovation’s big family. After the plogging activity, Vice Chairman Kim congratulated the members as he shared the rice cakes to celebrate their 100th Day in the company. “Today is such a meaningful day for me because I got to have my first in-person meeting with you to celebrate your 100th day here and join the plogging campaign,” said Vice Chairman Kim. “I kindly ask each and every one of you to continue to vitalize the practical ESG activities such as the plogging and be the leaders of yourselves in expanding the circular economy, which is essential to create eco-friendly social values,” he added.


▲ Vice Chairman Kim Jun is taking photos and congratulating the new members of SK Innovation after they finished the plogging acitivty on April 14



Prior to this event, Na Kyung-soo, CEO of SK Geo Centric (SKGC), took part in the plogging activity with the new members in Seoul on April 6. The activity also served as an opportunity for the CEO and the members to discuss the eco-friendly business of the company and its prospects, particularly on its recycling technology.


CEO Na expressed his confidence as he said, “As the environmental regulations in Europe and the United States are strengthened, we are witnessing unexpectedly rapid growth of the recyclable plastic market. And this will become an opportunity for us, SK Geo Centric.” He also shared his vision with the members, “By acquiring the technology for recycling, we plan to build up a recycle cluster for the first time in Asia and become an urban oil field company.”


CEO Na participated in the plogging activity 13 times last year, four of which were conducted on his way home after work and weekends by himself.


▲ On April 6, SK Geo Centric CEO Na Kyung-soo participated in plogging activity in around the areas of Seoullo, Seoul, with the new members of the company





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