SK Innovation’s Way: Pursuing Global, Mutual Growth With Local Communities


On February 10, SK Innovation visited Komárom, Hungary, where the European production base for electric vehicle battery is located, and delivered a donation to the public interest foundations of the city. Jee Dong-seob, CEO of SK Innovation’s battery business, members of SK battery hungary, Mayor Attila Molnár of Komárom, and other representatives of public interest foundations participated in the donation ceremony held in the Komárom City Hall.


Mayor Molnár happily welcomed the SK Innovation delegation as he did a year ago.


▲ Jee Dong-seob, CEO of SK Innovation’s battery business (left in the photos), and Mayor Attila Molnár of Komárom (right in the photos)


In January 2019, SK Innovation promised to donate HUF 15 million (about $48,000) for 2 years to three public interest foundations in Komárom, which is welcome news for Komárom whose population stands at 20,000. As this is the last year for the company to deliver its promise, CEO Jee and other members who visited the battery production plant of SK Innovation decided to take the time to visit the City Hall before leaving the country.



SK Innovation’s donation will be used to improve different services for the local society, including developing the medical machines of Komárom Machinery-Instrument Health Foundation, supporting the scholarship project of Komárom Social Public Foundation, and supplementing the firefighting equipment of Komárom Public Foundation for Fire Protection.



“I am grateful to SK Innovation for having selected Komárom as the region to invest in. The company is helping the development of Komárom’s local society in diverse ways,” said Mayor Molnár thanking and cheering SK Innovation.



“The battery plant in Hungary started operating in October last year. We were able to speedily and smoothly complete the construction and start mass-producing, thanks to the active support of the municipal government of Komárom,” said CEO Jee. He then introduced SK Group’s business philosophy of pursuing happiness with the company’s stakeholders and explained its measures for creating social value to achieve win-win growth with the local society of Komárom.



This way of communicating with local societies around the world of SK Innovation is not limited to Komárom. In Houston, an outpost of the shale revolution where the company’s headquarters of its Exploration & Production (E&P) business is located, SK Innovation is actively engaged in happiness sharing activities. They include volunteering at the local Foodbank and supporting the scholarship business of Rice University. As a result, professors and students of the university are visiting the headquarters and Ulsan workplace of SK Innovation and expressing gratitude. The company exerts continuous efforts to expand exchanges with people in the local community.



In Vietnam, where the company’s workplace for Southeast Asia is located, it is continuously engaging in a mangrove planting project and operating a social enterprise, among others, to grow together with the local society. In Freeport, Texas, the United States, where SK Primacor Americas (the subsidiary of SK Innovation) is located as a company producing high value¬–added chemical products in the Americas, the company participated in an activity donating to the Fire & Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department. The mayor of Freeport then unprecedently expressed gratitude on his personal SNS, creating a buzz.


▲ (Left) Students of Rice University who visited Ulsan CLX of SK in June 2019 (Right) “I Green We Green Vietnam” held at the Xuan Thuy National Park in Xuan Truong, Nam Dinh, Vietnam, in October 2019


These global donation activities of SK Innovation are in line with the double bottom line (DBL) business philosophy of SK Group to pursue economic and social values together with local societies. The company is sharing happiness with the local societies where its overseas workplaces are located to raise its social value. SK Innovation successfully executes business in the local societies where its global workplaces are located, thus contributing to the local economy and national development, as well as creating social value by solving various social problems for win-win growth.


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