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SK Geo Centric unveils plastic recycling technologies and global strategies centered on high value-added chemical materials at Chinaplas 2023
▲ The exhibition hall of SK Geo Centric at Chinaplas 2023 held in Shenzhen, China from April 17 to 20.   SK Geo Centric (SKGC) is participating in Chinaplas 2023, which takes place at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (SWECC) in Shenzhen, China from April 17 to 20 (local time). At the show, ...
SK Geo Centric, SUEZ, and Loop Industries selected site for joint plastic recycling plant in Saint-Avold, France
■ Breaking ground of the new facility targeted for 2025 with commissioning expected in 2027 ■ Facility to manufacture 100% recycled and infinitely recyclable virgin-quality pet resin ■ Projected savings of over 255,000 tons of CO2 annually compared to virgin pet resin made from fossil fuels   SK Geo Centric (“SKGC”), SUEZ, and Loop Industries ...
[Interview] The executives of SK Innovation talk about the beginning of a new 60 years ④ SK Geo Centric CEO Na Kyung-soo
  As SK Innovation celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2022, 2023 marks the beginning of a new 60 years of its history, and it is also the second year SK Innovation and all of its subsidiaries execute their Financial Story.   To learn more about the company’s strategies and plans for this year, we’ve met ...
SK Geo Centric acquires Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
■ SK Geo Centric obtains certifications on polymer production using recycled plastic raw materials and certification ■ Contributes to reducing plastic by making packaging materials and household goods with polymers made from renewable raw materials ■ SK Geo Centric will “increase the production of eco-friendly products that reduce plastic and its fields of application”   ...
SK Geo Centric to raise KRW 475 billion from global banks on Sustainability-Linked Loan
■ On November 15, SK Geo Centric signed a sustainability-linked loan (SLL) contract with five global banks, including BNP Paribas. ■ Linking the company’s ESG management goals, such as plastic recycling, with financial agreements, SK Geo Centric concluded on favorable terms in a difficult financial environment. ■ Relevant goals and action plans to be posted ...
SK Geo Centric revealed the world's first "plastic waste recycling cluster" and new eco-friendly brand "CYCLUS" at K 2022
■ Participated in “K 2022,” the world’s No. 1 trade fair for plastics held in Germany ■ Introduced the world’s first “plastic waste recycling cluster,” targeted for completion in 2025, during the fair ■ Launched new eco-friendly brand “CYCLUS” and displayed high value-added products, paper cups made with less plastic, and more ■ Supported Busan’s ...
Meet the heroes behind SK Energy and SK Geo Centric’s Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) certification
  On July 20, SK Energy and SK Geo Centric acquired the Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) validation, the international certification that is given to companies with an 80% waste diversion rate and above. This achievement is meaningful as it proves SK Innovation’s genuine effort to implement the Carbon to Green strategy.       ...
SK Geo Centric与SABIC联手,共同投资2千亿韩元,在蔚山新扩建Nexlene工厂,抢占全球高性能化学产品市场
■ SK Geo Centric与沙特基础工业公司的合资公司SSNC,23日与韩国蔚山市签署新·扩建MOU ■ 计划生产汽车零部件和太阳能薄膜等高附加值材料,通过减少使用塑料提高环保效果 ■ 2024年预计年产量达30万吨,90%以上出口到海外,有望带动当地经济   为抢占日益增加的高性能化学产品市场需求,SK Geo Centric将与沙特基础工业公司(SABIC)联手进行共同投资。SK Geo Centric的技术与SABIC的原料优势相结合,有望将在高性能化学产品市场中创造出协同效应。SK Geo Centric表示,与SABIC共同成立的合资企业SSNC(SABIC SK Nexlene Company,下称SSNC)23日与蔚山市签署了一份关于在蔚山市投资新建扩建高附加值化学产品工厂的谅解备忘录(MOU)。   根据此投资协议,SSNC将在2024年7月前通过其韩国子公司韩国Nexlene投资约2000亿韩元,在韩国蔚山市蔚州郡清凉邑沙坪路1号的占地面积为1322平方米的生产基地,新·扩建高性能聚烯烃弹性体(POE)生产工厂。SSNC是SK Geo Centric和SABIC在2015年成立的合资企业,韩国Nexlene是SSNC拥有100%股权的子公司。SSNC已对韩国Nexlene投资6,051亿韩元建立了工厂,占地面积为6.81万平方米,每年生产21万吨的Nexlene产品。通过此次新·扩建项目将使其年产量增加43%,达到30万吨,同时将产量90%以上的产品出口到海外。蔚山广域市市长金斗谦、SSNC董事长萨米·穆罕默德·奥赛米(Sami Mohammed Al-Osaimi)和SSNC CEO李台根李泰根(音)出席了当天的活动。SSNC和蔚山市决定根据本次协议,双方加强合作,通过扩大高性能化工产品Nexlene的全球供应来带动当地经济。Nexlene是SK Geo Centric在2010年以乙烯为原料开发的一款高性能产品。Nexlene有着“新一代的化学产品”的含义,也是韩国首个在催化剂、工艺和产品整个过程中应用自主技术的产品。Nexlene与一般的聚乙烯产品相比,在安全性、透明性和强度等性能方面表现出众,并具有极好的密度范围,易于被再次加工成其他多种产品。该投资旨在积极应对近年来快速增城的对汽车和太阳能等高附加值环保材料的市场需求。韩国Nexlene公司正在利用Nexlene生产聚烯烃弹性体(POE)、聚烯烃塑性体(POP)和线性低密度聚乙烯(LLDPE)等高性能产品。韩国Nexlene通过开发卓越的高性能产品,打破了一度被陶氏化工等全球石化公司垄断的市场格局,并正在实现飞跃发展。   本次新·扩建项目中的聚烯烃弹性体(POE)产品因为其极好的弹性和高抗冲性,主要用于塑料性能要求较高的汽车减重部件中。与其他产品相比,它可以减少电力损失,也被用于太阳能发电薄膜。此外,聚烯烃塑性体(POP)因其良好的密封性和安全性而被用于医疗和食品包装材料。它还可以有效阻隔与外部物质的接触,延长产品有效期。因此高性能化学产品(POE/POP)可适用于多种领域,预计全球市场规模将以每年5%的幅度快速增长。韩国Nexlene公司CEO金鍾日金钟日(音)说:“我们自主研发产品Nexlene正在被用于汽车减重和太阳能材料等高附加价值产品中,通过投资建设该项目,有望抢占市场,我感到非常高兴。我们将再接再厉,确保Nexlene卓越的产品性能的同时,其产品的环保效果等优势使得在全球范围内得到认可。”   [照片]   (照片1)蔚山广域市市长金斗谦(左)和SSNC董事长萨米·穆罕默德·奥赛米(Sami Mohammed Al-Osaimi)在2000亿韩元规模的高性能聚烯烃弹性体(POE)生产工厂的新·扩建业谅解备忘录 (MOU)签署仪式后合影留念。     (照片2)23日,在蔚山广域市厅举行的蔚山市与SSNC的谅解备忘录 (MOU)签署仪式后,蔚山广域市市长金斗谦(左四)和SSNC董事长萨米·穆罕默德·奥赛米(左五)等相关人士合影留念。     (照片3、4)蔚山Nexlene工厂全景照片        
SK Geo Centric and SABIC jointly invest KRW 200 billion to produce high-performance chemical products in Ulsan
■ On August 23rd, SSNC, the JV of SK Geo Centric and Saudi Arabia’s SABIC, signed an MOU with the Ulsan Metropolitan City to build and expand POE plants ■ The plants are expected to produce high-value materials that are used in cars and solar panel films, and are expected to reduce the usage of ...
CEO of SK Geo Centric Na Kyung-soo joined SKGC Americas members in the EnviRun for the Earth campaign in Texas
▲ SK Geo Centric CEO Na Kyung-soo (sixth from right), Head of Packaging Division Jang Nam-hun (second from left), and President of SKGC Americas Cho Min-ho (sixth from left) take a group photo with SKGC Americas members after participating in the EnviRun for the Earth plogging activity at Surfside Beach, Texas, the U.S. on July ...
[Interview] Leader of Packaging Green Solution Squad Park So-young talks about the eco-friendly ice packs co-developed by SK Geo Centric
▲ Park So-young, Leader of Packaging Green Solution Squad, Packaging Division, SK Geo Centric   SK Geo Centric has recently launched an ice pack made up of recycled resin through joint development with “Market Kurly”, a Korean online shopping mall for fresh food distribution, which is famous for early morning delivery, for environmentally-friendly packaging materials. ...
SK Geo Centric and Aekyung Industrial apply mono-material packaging to contribute to circular economy for plastics
■ SK Geo Centric and Aekyung Industrial made the first outcome in “cooperation on establishing eco-friendly plastic ecosystem” by applying mono-material packaging to popular detergent brand “Spark” – Changing composite-material to mono-material packaging, expecting to reduce “more than 1.7 tons of carbon emission per year” by increasing the recycling rate ■ SK Geo Centric determined to “accelerate Waste ...