SK Geo Centric and PureCycle announce location of Asia’s first polypropylene recycling plant
■ SKGC and PureCycle announced that Ulsan, South Korea will be the location of the first polypropylene recycling plant in Asia. ■ SKGC conducted extensive research and technical due diligence into PureCycle’s technology, which is designed to produce ultra-pure recycled plastic from polypropylene waste. PureCycle’s technology combined with SKGC’s expertise in polypropylene production and marketing, ...
[Live from CES 2022] Meet the people at SK Green Forest Pavilion (visitors, business partners, leaders, staff, promoters)
  During 3 days of CES 2022, from January 5 to 7 (PST), we have welcomed thousands guests at SK Green Forest Pavilion, and many have helped us make the exhibition successful. Let’s hear what they said about their experiences with us.   | Business partners    ▲ Interview with Jon Jacobs, CMO of ...
[Live from CES 2022] ④ Walk to Tomorrow, Green Playground: The promises to create a Net Zero future
▲ The Walk to Tomorrow zone (left) and the Green Playground zone (right) inside SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022   “SK, Your companion on the journey toward Net Zero future.”   Let us introduce the two last zones in SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022: Walk to Tomorrow -where visitors can pledge ...
[Live from CES 2022] ③ Tree of Life: The 9 journeys of SK & Friends toward Net Zero future
▲ The Tree of Life zone inside SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022   “SK, Your companion on the journey toward Net Zero future.”   In this post, let’s visit the second zone in SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022 – Tree of Life. Here, visitors can discover the 9 journeys of SK ...
[Live from CES 2022] ② Green Avenue: SK's cutting-edge technologies for carbon reduction
▲ Visitors wait in line to enter SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022   “SK, Your companion on the journey toward Net Zero future.”   With the concept of a “Green Forest Pavilion”, SK & Friends is demonstrating their strategies to be everyone’s “Companion” on the “Net Zero journey” by reducing 200 million tons ...
[Live from CES 2022] ① The begin of SK & Friends' Net Zero journey
▲ The Green Forest Pavilion of SK at CES 2022   “SK, Your companion on the journey toward Net Zero future.”   CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the most influential tech event in the world, has come back to Las Vegas, USA. CES 2022 is being held both online and offline from January 5 to 7 ...
[CES 2022] SK Green Forest Pavilion Tour
  Welcome to SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022! Here you can find SK’s pledges and concrete plans to contribute to global carbon reduction, leading to a carbonless society. This year, multiple companies of SK Group including SK Inc., SK Innovation, SK Hynix, SK Telecom, SK E&S, SK Ecoplant, etc. have joined together to ...
[CES 2022] SK Green Forest Pavilion short preview
A 15 second short preview of SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022. (Switch to 1080 HD for high quality)   
SK’s official teaser for CES 2022
Are you ready to join SK Group at CES 2022? We will be at LVCC, Central Hall, Booth number 16761 from January 5 to 7. Stay tuned for more updates!   
SK Innovation to unveil innovative business to reduce 11 mil. tons of carbon at CES 2022
■ To participate in in CES 2022 held in Las Vegas, USA from Jan. 5 to 7, 2022 ■ Embarking on reducing carbon by fostering new growth engine businesses and restructuring the existing businesses – Aiming to decrease carbon by about 11 mil. tons per year, equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of 880,000 Koreans, ...
SK Innovation’s NCM9 battery wins at CES 2022 Innovation Awards
■ SK Innovation’s NCM9 battery was selected as a CES 2022 Innovation Awards honoree in two categories: “In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety”, and “Embedded Technologies” ■ NCM9 is known to have the highest level of performance among existing lithium-ion batteries and have excellent safety – Will be installed for the first time in Ford’s flagship EV pickup truck F-150 ...
All-digital CES 2021 unveiled technology innovations for a sustainable future
  “CES looks different this year, but the foundation of the show – innovation, connection, collaboration – remains strong and consistent.” (Gary Shapiro, President & CEO of CTA)   As exhibition is one of the areas that are most affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology showcase, is no ...