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SK Geo Centric opens SK Geo Planet, an online platform to strengthen communication and collaboration with clients
2023.10.10 | SKinno News

■ Product order placement and purchase are available on the platform 24/7, and SK Geo Centric’s 391 products are registered on the platform

■ Added compounding property simulation feature, and plans are in place to provide product samples, property analysis data, etc

■ CEO of SK Geo Centric Na Kyung-soo said, “We will strive for the realization of the circular economy by enhancing communication and collaboration with clients”


SK Geo Centric has launched an online platform where customers interested in plastic recycling and the various chemical products produced by the company can access information and place orders anytime, anywhere. The company plans to strengthen the information provision area for customers through the platform and enhance communication and business collaboration.

On September 9, SK Geo Centric announced the establishment of the online platform “SK Geo Planet (” SK Geo Planet (hereinafter, “Geo Planet”) provides information on all products produced and sold by the company in both Korean and English. Not only can customers submit product inquiries through the inquiry feature, it is also possible to directly place an order for polymer products online.

Customers can check their order status and shipping information through Geo Planet. Systematic history management is also now possible through a bilateral communication channel compared to offline orders as SK Geo Centric staff can directly respond to the inquiries.

Furthermore, the platform offers a simulation feature where customers can input the compounding* ratio to predict the physical properties (characteristics of the material) and provides a “recommended recipe” to assist customers in product development. The company also plans to provide different expert materials, such as product samples and property analysis data.
*Compounding: A process where raw materials are mixed in an appropriate ratio to produce a material according to its use.

SK Geo Centric aims to expand information provision and sales for high-value-added products, such as Ethylene Acrylic Acid (EAA) and Ionomer, starting with the sales of Polymer products.

There are plans in the future to contribute to the vitalization of the circular economy by connecting with recycled products. These products will be produced in full swing at the Ulsan ARC (Ulsan Advanced Recycling Cluster), which SK Geo Centric is currently building and is the world’s first integrated waste plastic recycling complex. Once the Ulsan ARC is completed, inquiries related to the purchase and use of recycled products are expected to increase further.

CEO of SK Geo Centric Na Kyung-soo said, “The sustainable development of the petrochemical industry and the realization of the circular economy require collective efforts through the cooperation and networking of everyone, not just individual companies. Based on communication with our clients, we will take the lead in the development of the plastic recycling industry.”



(Photo 1) Main screen of ‘SK Geo Planet’ website


(Photo 2) Members of SK Geo Centric are discussing various opinions while looking at the ‘SK Geo Planet’ website.


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