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SK Geo Centric signs MOU with Amcor on recycled plastic
2023.10.26 | SKinno News

■ SK Geo Centric will supply recycled plastic materials from the Ulsan ARC from 2025

■ Under an MOU, SK Geo Centric supplies Amcor with advanced recycled material reusing pyrolysis oil

■ SK Geo Centric CEO Na Kyung-soo stated, “Based on high interest from global companies in the Ulsan ARC, we will continue to contribute to the establishment of a circular economy”


SK Geo Centric joined hands with global packaging company, Amcor, for advanced recycled material that will be produced from 2025. SK Geo Centric is in the process of establishing the world’s first integrated waste plastic recycling complex, the Ulsan ARC (Advanced Recycling Cluster), and plans to begin selling the recycled materials produced at the complex.

On October 26, SK Geo Centric announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Amcor to source advanced recycled material reusing pyrolysis oil derived from waste plastic. Pyrolysis oil is an oil extracted by melting plastic waste, including vinyl, which is normally disposed of by landfills or incineration. After conducting a series of post-processing techniques, it became possible to produce products of the same quality as those derived from crude oil.

The two companies reached an agreement that SK Geo Centric will supply access to polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) made from the pyrolysis oil produced at the Ulsan ARC to Amcor beginning in 2025. Amcor will offer more sustainable packaging solutions containing this recycled material suitable for food and healthcare customers.

Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions across a variety of materials for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal-care, and other products. In fiscal year 2023, 41,000 Amcor team members generated $14.7 billion in annual sales from operations that span 218 locations in 41 countries.

The number of companies pre-ordering from SK Geo Centric’s Ulsan ARC is expected to increase continually. SK Geo Centric plans to introduce various recycling technologies to the Ulsan ARC, including depolymerization and ultra-pure PP extraction technologies, enabling the recycling of various types of waste plastic (an annual scale of 320,000 tons). Consequently, various global companies with a demand for recycled plastic materials are seeking opportunities for collaboration by reaching out to SK Geo Centric.

SK Geo Centric CEO Na Kyung-soo said, “We are pleased to begin a collaboration based on products produced from the Ulsan ARC with Amcor, a leading global packaging company. We will continue to contribute to the establishment of a circular economy by expanding the supply chain where pyrolysis oil is applied all the way to the final consumer product packaging.”

Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific President Mike Cash said, “Our ability to deliver more sustainable packaging solutions containing recycled material is increasingly important to customers in all consumer categories. These partnerships will help enable Amcor to unlock opportunities for food and healthcare customers to leverage recycled content in their packaging, and will also foster a circular economy by significantly reducing the need for virgin plastic.”


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