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[SKinno Tech] Plastic Recycling
2023.12.01 | SKinno News

Aiming to be a global leading Green Energy & Materials Company, SK Innovation and all affiliates are taking “Carbon to Green” strategies with innovative solutions that can bring clean energy to the world and build a sustainable world for our future.

Through SKinno Tech Series, we will provide a comprehensive introduction from the basics of SK Innovation and affiliates’ businesses to in-depth explanations of our products and technologies, including those of our affiliates. The series starts with a few episodes discussing the latest advancements in secondary cell technology and battery materials, which are critical to build a sustainable future for everyone.

In this post, the focus shifts to plastic recycling, a pivotal element in constructing a circular economy. Addressing the challenge of plastic waste treatment, the transition from traditional mechanical recycling technology to various advanced recycling technologies is highlighted, allowing for more substantial waste recycling.

Find out more about the features of plastic recycling and how we are actively seeking new applications for waste plastics in the card news below.


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