[Detective Michelle] The secret of SK Energy’s Premium Asphalt


Long time no see, Detective Michelle! She has come back after a few busy months to solve some big (confidential) cases.


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This time, Michelle has investigated a case that started from the potholes, which are considerd “land mines” on the roads that threaten drivers.


SK Energy, a leader in the Korean refinery industry, can fix the problem of these potholes and more with its self-developed products: Premium Asphalt.


Besides, SK Energy also have Superphalt and Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA), which have high porosity and noise absorption features.


You may have read about these products through previous contents on SKinno News, but let’s dig a little bit deeper by following Detective Michelle.


She has met some SK Energy members who are directly involved in the development and production of these products, and checked the real Premium Asphalt in person.


We hope this video will have better understanding about SK Energy’s Asphalt business, and the company’s efforts to build an eco-friendly asphalt and road industry ecosystem.



Detective Michelle will be back to reveal more secrets of SK Innovation. Please stick around!


Author | SKinno News