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SK Liquor Station pop-up store in Ulsan, a hot spot to refuel your life with positive energy
2023.07.17 | SKinno News

▲ The SK Liquor Station pop-up store in Samsan-dong, Ulsan


Gasoline stations, where cars could park and get fueled through rubber hoses, were first introduced in 1905 in Saint Louis, USA. Before then, since only a minority of people owned cars, there was no need to have specialized spaces for them. So fueling was done at general stores or blacksmith shops. However, as the mass production of cars became possible, a need for spaces that could accommodate more cars was in demand, and thus gas stations also emerged.


The first contemporary style gas station in Korea, called the “Cheonggiwa Gas Station”, was established by SK (formerly known as Yukong) in 1969. This gas station was built at the same pace as the development of Korea’s automobile industry started to progress. Ultimately, the energy of petroleum was at the center of driving the economy and infinitely expanding people’s range of activities. Perhaps due to the direct meaning of the “Cheonggiwa Gas Station”, which translates to “a space where you can fill energy”, this area remained a landmark in the Hongdae area amongst the younger generation for a long time. This area holds the similar vibrant energy of Hongdae.


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▲ Last October, the SK Liquor Station pop-up opened in Seoul to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of SK Energy.


SK Energy, which has been delivering the essential driving force that propels our world forward, celebrated its 60th anniversary last year by introducing a “SK Liquor Station” pop-up store. The pop-up store provided a pleasant experience for many stakeholders who visited the location, while also giving them a chance to look back and commemorate the memories of the past 60 years.


Expanding the implication of the role of gas stations, the pop-up store offered a space where people who were worn out from their daily lives could fuel themselves up with energy and celebrate happiness, under the concept of “Refuel with Happiness and Share.” As a result of this success, it garnered significant attention and response from many people.


Picking up from where we left off last year, the same spirit will continue in Ulsan. The location of the SK Liquor Station pop-up store is Samsan-dong in Nam-gu, Ulsan, which is home to the highest floating population. With the emergence of the liquor station pop-up store, the Samsan-dong area of Ulsan has gotten more exciting.

| Introducing the emergence of a new hot place! The SK Liquor Station, Ulsan Branch

▲ Visitors waiting in line to enter the SK Liquor Station pop-up store.


The two-story commercial building in Nam-gu, Ulsan, has undergone a remarkable transformation, sporting a brand-new appearance. The exterior, reminiscent of an SK gas station, showcases vibrant red and orange colors that immediately bring the SK logo to mind and as the sun sets, the sparkling lights further enhance its allure. While the exterior may initially evoke the image of a gas station, the presence of refreshing beer posters adorning the fuel pumps reveals the true identity of this pop-up store. This clever concept, transforming a gas station into a beer house, has caught the attention of many, leading them to capture the area in pictures.


▲ The SK Liquor Station pop-up store showcases a unique interior design, exhibiting the identity of the SK gas stations, including a neon sign resembling a pipeline and a table symbolizing crude oil storage tanks.


Upon stepping inside the SK Liquor Station, a world of captivating elements awaits. As you make your way through the entrance, your attention will be drawn to a model that resembles a complex facility. Upon closer examination, you’ll see that this model represents the “Siwha Industrial Eco-friendly Complex Station.” It symbolizes the future endeavors of SK Energy’s in-house independent company, SK Energy P&M CIC, which takes charge of the company’s platform and marketing strategies. P&M CIC actively operates in the energy solution sector, leveraging petroleum marketing assets like gas stations and charging stations to generate and supply eco-friendly energy in areas with high power consumption. Their plans include further expansion of fuel cell and solar power installations at gas stations nationwide, along with the addition of diverse mobility services catering to eco-friendly vehicle owners, such as electric vehicle charging and car wash facilities. Through this model, the visionary plans and aspirations of P&M CIC are vividly displayed, offering a glimpse into their future blueprint.


The most intriguing spot at SK Liquor Station is undoubtedly the fuel dispenser. As a space that reinterprets the concept of a gas station, it offers refreshing draft beer. One visitor expressed their impressions by saying, “I had heard about the pop-up store held last year at Cheonggyecheon in Seoul and had been eager to visit. Now, being able to enjoy beer with such an entertaining concept in Ulsan has made for a delightful summer night.” Many visitors were already pouring beer directly from the dispenser, enjoying a lively time. By tagging their fuel cards on the screen, they poured as much beer as they desired.


The beer selection offered here holds even greater significance as it highlights distinctive craft beer brands from four different locations of where SK Innovation’s key facilities are situated. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the rich flavors of TreVier from Ulsan, Amazing Brewing Company from Seoul, Incheon Maekju from Incheon, and The Ranch Brewing from Daejeon, allowing them to experience the authentic essence of each local area.


The drum-shaped tables, where one can enjoy food and drinks, also bring to mind the image of a gas station. While many people visit gas stations to refuel their vehicles, the meaning behind it may vary slightly for each person. It could be a family stopping by on an exciting vacation journey, someone diligently filling up before a long-distance business trip, or a novice driver with a nervous heart refueling for their first long drive. Each individual has their own unique memories associated with gas stations. The delightful interior ambiance is a great place for one to recall those memories while enjoying a refreshing beer.


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▲ Various aspects of the SK Liquor Station pop-up store incorporates components that promote the company and brand, including a beer dispenser inspired by fuel pumps and merchandise featuring SK Innovation’s mascot, the Happy Elephant.


Aside from this, on the first floor, there were various attractions such as a photo zone, multimedia wall, dart game, and a merchandise shop, providing visitors with a wide range of enjoyable activities. Visitors could easily lose track of time while having fun. In particular, the merchandise shop offers exclusive items such as limited edition SK Gas Station cups, eco-friendly character keychains featuring Happy Elephant from SK, trump cards, golf supplies, and more, enabling visitors to bring home keepsakes that would remind them of their experience.


▲ The staircase leading up to the second floor is decorated with the Happy Elephants and guiding signs that illustrate the pipeline of the Ulsan CLX.


The excitement of the pop-up store extends to the second floor. As you follow the adorable Happy Elephant character and ascend the stairs, you’ll notice people already seated at the drum-shaped tables, eagerly anticipating a delightful summer night. The culinary experience is just as enjoyable as the captivating interior design. The menu features dishes personally crafted by a renowned chef.


The popular Jongno Drum-Chicken and Energy-Plate from Season 1, along with Ulsan’s specialty flounder fish and water parsley, piqued the curiosity of visitors regarding what kind of flavors they would be able to encounter. One visitor expressed their eagerness for the food, sharing, “I ordered the flounder fish and chips, and the water celery balsamic salad. I’m curious about the taste of these snacks, as they have transformed into refined accompaniments for beer, departing from the realm of traditional Korean cuisine.” With every table occupied by individuals unwinding from their daily exhaustion, clinking beer glasses with friends, family, and loved ones, the pop-up store buzzed with lively energy, creating a vibrant and joyous atmosphere.


▲ A variety of beer and food that you can enjoy at the SK Liquor Station pop-up store.


Not only did visitors enjoy the beer and snacks, but the pop-up store also offered a variety of fun events. The art wall, designed to resemble petroleum pipelines, along with the Life4Cuts and Neon Happy Elephant Zones, enticed visitors to capture special moments, as they eagerly snapped pictures of each other, exclaiming, “There’s so much to do, with delicious food, beer, and a range of activities; there’s never a dull moment.”


▲ Visitors participating in the SK Ulsan Complex Ability Test and the Beer Pong game.


The game zone was also bustling with visitors. Games such as the SK Liquor Station Beer Pong, where players toss ping pong balls into cups with the gas station logo, and the essential pub game of darts, added to the summer night’s fervor. One visitor, who came to the pop-up store with colleagues after work, enthusiastically declared, “If this beer house is this much fun, I wouldn’t mind spending every Friday night here!” Moreover, during the SK Ulsan Complex Ability Test event, visitors had the opportunity to learn fascinating stories related to the SK Ulsan Complex. The idea of making corporate stories interesting and engaging for everyone made the pop-up store even more enriching.



What adds even more significance to the time spent at the Ulsan SK Liquor Station pop-up store is that all the proceeds from sales are dedicated to supporting socially vulnerable groups. It goes beyond simply enjoying a fun summer night; it’s about enriching someone else’s life with new memories and sharing happiness. Visitors of the pop-up store not only created their own memories but also recharged their happiness, knowing that their visit contributes to a greater cause.


From its original meaning of refueling with fuel, the Ulsan SK Liquor Station pop-up store has transformed into a place that refuels happiness, presenting a new vision for the future of gas stations. While each generation may have different memories associated with gas stations, the SK Liquor Station pop-up store provides a space where people can come together and share memories collectively. The pop-up store will be open in Ulsan’s Samsan-dong until August 13th. This summer, why not create unique moments and memories with your family, loved ones, and friends at this unique liquor station?


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