[Column] "It's time to be Together in Action" – SK shows how to reach Net Zero at CES 2023
▲ Kim Moo-hwan, President of Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)   When I arrived in the United States to attend CES 2023, it was raining in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Such weather was rare in the winter, but more surprising was the Californian storm that had lasted three weeks from the end ...
[CES 2023] Recap - SK's Actions at CES 2023 through numbers and keywords
CES 2023 has ended, but the memories we had with many visitors, partners, and members are still vivid. Let’s take a look back at SK booth during CES 2023 through keywords and highlighted numbers below. (Swipe left to check the slide)     ■ Related articles – [CES 2023] Leaders of 1nnovation – Meet the ...
SK Innovation held a strategy meeting at CES, accelerating 'action' for green innovation
■ SK Innovation held a strategic executive meeting at CES 2023 on January 6 ■ Discussions on portfolio innovation, accelerating implementation, and methods to internalize ESG management ■ SK Innovation Vice Chairman & CEO Kim Jun: “The business environment is expected to be unfavorable in 2023. […] Risk management should also be strengthened.”   SK ...
[CES 2023] Find the 1nnovation - The “1nnovation” inside SK booth
Here goes the team “Haeng & Dong” (행동, which means “action” in Korean) to find out SK Innovation’s Net Zero technology and products in SK Booth. Let’s learn about SK Innovation’s innovative technologies and trends of CES 2023 by touring with team “Haeng & Dong”!   | Find the 1nnovation Part 1       ...
[CES 2023] Friends of 1nnovation - Business partners, experts and visitors
At CES 2023, SK Innovation’s business partners and numerous visitors paid their visits to the SK booth. Let’s hear their personal impression of SK exhibition.   | Solid Power Marketing Communications Director Will McKenna       | Plastic Energy Chief Commercial Office Bruno Guillon       | GRC Vice President of Marketing Gregg ...
[CES 2023] Leaders of 1nnovation - Meet the leaders of SK Innovation at CES 2023
At CES 2023, several leaders of SK Innovation and its subsidiaries visited SK’s booth in person. In particular, this was the first time the BoD (Board of Directors) of SK Innovation and SK IE Technology’s visited CES. Let’s meet the leaders of SK Innovation and susidiaries at SK booth.   | SK Innovation Vice Chairman ...
SK Geo Centric signs MOU at CES 2023 with Plastic Energy to complete a plan for "Ulsan ARC"
■ License contract between SKGC and Plastic Energy signed on site at CES ■ Secures the three major chemical recycling technologies along with PCT (US), Loop (Canada), and Plastic Energy (UK) ■ World’s first plastic recycling complex completed in 2025 is named “Ulsan ARC”   SK Geo Centric, a subsidiary of SK Innovation, has signed ...
[CES 2023] A closer look at SK booth that shows "Actions" to reach Net Zero target together
  “Together in Action” Moving Toward a Carbon-Free Future Together     Multilple member companies of SK Group including SK Innovation are showcasing outstanding technologies at CES 2023 under the theme of “Together in Action”. SK booth includes four main zones: Futuremarks, Together in Action, SK Around Every Corner, and Zero Arcade. In the previous ...
SK On’s Super Fast Battery surprises the world with 80% charged in just 18 minutes
■ SK On exhibits ‘SF Battery’ at CES 2023, reveals the R&D process ahead of its time ■ Overcame the limitations of fast charging without shortening battery life, won The first Best of Innovation Awards in the industry   In 2018, SK On was requested from a global automaker to make a battery that gets fully ...
[CES 2023] Sneak peek at SK hall #shorts
  Let’s take a look at the CES 2023 site where SK * friends showcases innovative technologies to achieve Net Zero.     
[CES 2023] All members of SK Innovation's affiliates' outside directors attend CES for the first time
■ All five outside directors from SK Innovation and four from SKIET visit CES, the U.S. ■ First visit to CES by affiliated companies’ outside directors, with a 100% attendance rate ■ Visits to SK booth and exhibition halls of other global companies help gain expertise and insight   The outside directors of SK Innovation ...
[CES 2023] SK takes action to reduce carbon, showcasing green innovation with its unique exhibition space
▲ View of SK Exhibition Hall at CES 2023   “Together in Action” Moving Toward a Carbon-Free Future Together     SK will once again announce its commitment to Net Zero at CES 2023, the world’s largest IT and consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8 (local time). As a ...