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SK Innovation, SK On Hungary to nurture talents of musicians with developmental disabilities
2023.11.10 | SKinno News

On behalf of SK Innovation, representatives of SK On Hungary signed an agreement to donate HUF 5 million within the year to “A Zene Mindenkié (Music Belongs to Everyone)”, a music association for the developmentally disabled, during an agreement ceremony at the SK On European branch office in Budapest, Hungary on November 3 (local time).


“Oh dear, as long as you can love!”
(Oh Lieb, so lang du lieben kannst!)
– Franz Liszt, Liebesträum, S.541 No. 3, Love Dream –



SK Innovation and SK On Hungary held a ceremony for the agreement of donating HUF 5 million to “A Zene Mindenkié” (hereinafter referred to as “Music Belongs to Everyone”), a Hungarian music association for the developmentally disabled, within this year at the SK On European branch office in Budapest on November 3 (local time). In attendance of the ceremony were President of the “Music Belongs to Everyone” Association Fodor Krisztian, Music Teacher and Leader of the Parafónia Orchestra Fabényi Réka, SK On Hungary CEO Moon Hang-ki, Team Leader of SK On Hungary Business Management Unit Kim Du-hong, and Director of the Korean Cultural Center In Suk-jin.

The agreement serves as a significant milestone in expanding the social value of the Great Music Festival (hereinafter GMF), which held on seventh consecutive years to support the musical talent of people with developmental disabilities in South Korea, by extending its global reach to Hungary. Based on the agreement, the partnership plans to support Parafónia, and also gives the opportunity to discover new music organizations and support musical talented people with developmental disabilities. The performance team will be assigned mission pieces and cultivate their skills through systematic music education. Around June, next year, a concert will be held to show their performance to the public. The concert will be prepared in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center in Hungary, which already has experiences coordinating concerts with Art With Orchestra and Parafónia several years ago in Korea.

According to the agreement, SK Innovation and SK On will donate HUF 5 million (approximately KRW 18.7 million) within this year, and it will be used for operating expenses such as instructor fees and purchasing equipment, including musical instruments, to provide quality education to musicians with developmental disabilities in Hungary.


(Left) Officials from the music association for the developmentally disabled, “Music Belongs to Everyone”, who attended the agreement signing ceremony, are chatting. (Right) Participants at the agreement ceremony watched a video of a performance by the Parafónia Orchestra, a music group for developmental disabilities in Budapest, Hungary.

SK Innovation established GMF with the aim of enhancing the social adaptation and interpersonal skills of individuals with developmental disabilities through music performance. Over multiple competition, musicians with developmental disabilities demonstrated their incredible talent and magnitude of their dreams and amplified the significance of value of the program in terms of social integration. The agreement in Hungary remarks the second international expansion following the GMF in Atlanta, USA, on last October. SK Innovation is determined to continue to spread the values held by GMF to international platforms in the future.


Members of Parafónia, a music group for developmental disabilities in Budapest, Hungary during practice.

Through a strong partnership with ‘Music Belongs to Everyone’, the association operating Parafónia, a music group of individuals with developmental disabilities in Hungary, SK Innovation aims to gain empathy within Hungarians and local communities, nurturing improved perceptions and increased warmth of interest towards individuals with developmental disabilities. Also, the successful establishment of the GMF in Hungary will create a milestone in fostering warm social values within the local community, embodying the spirit of, ‘Oh dear, as long as you can love!’


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