[Live from CES 2022] ① The begin of SK & Friends’ Net Zero journey

▲ The Green Forest Pavilion of SK at CES 2022


“SK, Your companion on the journey toward Net Zero future.”


CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the most influential tech event in the world, has come back to Las Vegas, USA. CES 2022 is being held both online and offline from January 5 to 7 (PST), after one year of being a virtual-only show in 2021 due to COVID-19.


As a participant, SK Group is presenting SK’s promises and concrete plans to contribute to global carbon reduction at CES 2022. Multiple companies of SK Group including SK Inc., SK Innovation, SK Hynix, SK Telecom, SK E&S, SK Ecoplant, etc. have joined together to create a special “Green Forest Pavilion”, where SK & Friends demonstrate their strategies to be everyone’s “Companion” on the “Net Zero journey” by reducing 200 million tons of carbon, which is 1% of the global carbon reduction target (21 billion tons) by 2030.


| CES 2022 D-day – SK Pavilion garnering global attention from the first day


▲ Green Avenue zone (left) and Tree of Life zone (right) in SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


The Green Forest Pavilion of SK is divided into four zones where visitors can experience the Net Zero journey built with SK & Friends’ efforts to reduce carbon emission. In this journey, visitors can discover the story of the trees at Korea’s Indeung Mountain, which SK has been nurturing for many years, and find a huge tree symbolizing SK’s will for a sustainable future at the center of the Pavilion.


Let’s take an overview of SK Pavilion, and learn how SK conveys the messages of building a carbonless society at each zone.


| SK, Your companion – The exhibition docent application “Donghaeng”


▲(Left) Overview of SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022 / (Right) “Donghaeng,” the Buddy application that helps visitors tour around SK Pavilion at CES 2022


SK has created a separate docent application called “Donghaeng”, which means “companion” or “buddy” in Korean for visitors at CES 2022 to bring them better experiences at SK Pavilion. Visitors are provided smartphones that have the Buddy application installed at the Concierge corner right at the entrance of SK Pavilion. By tapping the smartphone NFC markers on the kiosks located in each zone inside SK Pavilion, visitors will be able to learn the details of the exhibition through the videos and audio explanations.


While visitors are touring around SK Pavilion, Green Points will be accumulated through the Buddy application installed in the provided smartphones. Visitors can use these Green Points to get green rewards in the last zone of the Pavilion, or donate them to the Mangrove Reforestation. This does not only help visitors have immersive experiences but also participate in actual carbon reduction, thereby delivering the sincere message of SK as a trustworthy companion on the Net Zero journey.


▲ Visitors use Donghaeng (Buddy) application to explore SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


| Green Avenue  – SK’s cutting-edge technologies for carbon reduction


▲ The Green Avenue zone in SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


The first zone in SK Pavilion is Green Avenue, which consists four most important themes of SK’s strategies to reduce carbon emission: Clean, Safe, Convenient, and Healthy. Here visitors can find SK’s eco-friendly innovative technologies and products in the areas of semiconductor/ICT, electric vehicle batteries, materials, and hydrogen energy.


The first item introduced at Green Avenue is SK On’s NCM9 battery, which was selected as a CES 2022 Innovation Awards honoree in two categories – “In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety”, and “Embedded Technologies.” This is also the type of battery cell that will power the 2022 Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup truck.


Through “Clean,” SK introduced its electric vehicle batteries and materials, hydrogen fuel cells, etc. which make the Earth cleaner. “Safe” theme includes what will lead us to the era of eco-friendly and safe mobility, such as BaaS (Battery as a Service) that can complete the whole value chain of SK’s battery business, and location-based service Eco-Driving platform. Under theme of “Convenient,” visitors can check SK’s technological prowess including metaverse service, eco-friendly semiconductors and AI processors, and fast chargers for electric vehicles. Lastly, the “Healthy” theme introduces various eco-friendly technologies such as the reusable cup collecting machine, which is part of the Happy Habit project that SK & Friends are promoting to reduce the use of disposable plastic cups.


| Tree of Life – The 9 journeys of SK & Friends


▲ The Tree of Life in SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


The Tree of Life zone is a place that reminds visitors of the importance of the environment to everyone. The zone was decorated with a huge tree at the center and videos played on four walls. When an icon symbolizing SK’s carbon reduction activities appears on the wall, visitors can scan it with the Buddy application and experience the AR content.


The efforts of SK & Friends to achieve Net Zero are depicted through 9 journeys, which are equivalent to 9 ecosystems as follows: Electric Vehicle Battery, Hydrogen, Energy, Plastic, Semiconductor, Clean solution, CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage), Lifestyle, and Carbonless Society.


▲ (Left) The Tree of Life zone inside SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022 / (Right) The 9 journeys of SK & Friends toward Net Zero future displayed in the Tree of Life zone inside SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


In addition, a Manifesto video is played in the zone to warn about the seriousness of climate change, and encourage everyone to take actions together. Once the visitors tap the agree button on the screen, it will appear as a “seed” for a sustainable future and flow down the wall along with the visitor’s nickname. Such interactive activity can help the visitors engage better in the  “journey towards Net Zero” suggested by SK & Friends.


▲ Captured images from the Manifesto video displayed in Tree of Life zone inside SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


▲ The Manifesto video played at the Tree of Life zone inside SK’s Green Forest Pavilion


| Walk to Tomorrow, and Green Playground – Making promises and donation to create a green future


▲ The Walk to Tomorrow zone inside SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


The last two zones of SK Pavilion include multiple activities that visitors can participate in person to achieve Net Zero with SK. In the Walk to Tomorrow zone, visitors can choose among nine different types of pledges to show their commitments to carbon reduction. These pledges are daily activities that can be practiced easily, and after the pledges are made, the visitors can see their names (or nicknames) appearing on the screen along with what they promised, and receive green points. Here, visitors can donate their green points to contribute to SK’s Mangrove Reforestation Project in Southeast Asia.


▲ Visitors enjoy activities in the Green Playground zone inside SK Pavilion at CES 2022


In the last zone of SK Pavilion, Green Playground, visitors can play games with the green points they received from Buddy application. There are two games: H­2 crane, and Green Luck Slot. Who win the game can receive Green Rewards, which are special gifts from SK & Friends, such as SK Hynix’s eco-friendly eSSDs, upcycled bags made by social enterprises, etc. In addition, during CES 2022, visitors can also taste a variety of alternative foods from the food truck provided by a partner of SK.


▲ (Left) The food truck of a SK’s partner CES 2022 / (Right) The SK’s ad balloon showing the location of the food truck at CES 2022


| Live from CES 2022 – Interviews with visitors and staff at SK Pavilion


▲ Visitors in line waiting to enter SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022 on January 5, 2022


▲ Interview with Jon Jacobs, CMO of Solid Power, during his visit at SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


▲ Interview with Angel Florencio, a visitor at SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


▲ Interview with Keith Beard, a visitor at SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


▲ Interview with Kevin Ellison, a visitor at SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


[Upcoming contents] Detailed introduction of each zone in SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!


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