SK’s booth selected as the best exhibition at CES 2022 by Exhibitor Media Group

▲ Visitors wait in line to enter SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


In March, Exhibitor Media Group, an American company leading in the field of exhibition events, conducted an evaluation on 2,300 corporate exhibition halls at CES 2022, which held in Las Vegas in early January this year. 20 most impressive stands from the event were announced on Exhibitor magazine, and SK Group’s exhibition hall (registered under the name of SK Telecom) was at the top of the list.


▲ SK’s booth was introduced in The Best of CES article released by Exhibitor Magazine in early March 2022. Images captured from Exhibitor Magazine.


SK’s exhibition hall at CES 2002 was titled Green Forest Pavilion. It was prepared with the joint effort of multiple affiliates of SK Group including SK Inc, SK Innovation, SK Telecom, SK E&S, SK Ecoplant, etc. to deliver the common message “SK, Your companion on the journey toward Net Zero future.” SK Pavilion consisted of four zones: ▲ Green Avenue, which displayed SK’s cutting-edge technology for carbon reduction; ▲”Tree of Life,” which reminded visitors of the importance of the global environment; ▲ “Walk to Tomorrow” and “Green Playground” zone are where visitors participated in multiple activities like games and donation to build a greener planet with SK.


▲ (Clockwise from top left) Green Avenue, Tree of Life, Green Playground, Walk to Tomorrow – the four main zones inside SK’s Green Forest Pavilion at CES 2022


Despite the fact that CES 2022 was held only in three days instead of four like usual, and many exhibitors switched to virtual booths due to the COVID pandemic, more than 11,000 visitors came to SK Green Forest Pavilion. Every day during the event, there were always long lines waiting in front of the booth entrance, showing how truly popular SK’s exhibition hall was. In addition to the indoor zones, SK also prepared a food truck zone outside the venue, where visitors can taste animal-free foods provided by two partners of SK – Meatless Farm, and Perfect Day.


(Left) The food truck of a SK’s partner CES 2022 / (Right) The SK’s ad balloon showing the location of the food truck at CES 2022


According to Exhibitor Media Group’s review, SK’s Green Forest Pavilion was selected as the best exhibition hall for bringing “a symphonic experience” by applying “tried-and-true experiential-design tactics” successfully. The editorial team went on by praising that “[SK’s exhibition hall] truly had it all: education, entertainment, immersion, gamification, and giveaways.” (Click here to read the full article.)


It has only been the third time since SK’s first participation in CES, but it was already chosen as the best exhibition this year. Many visitors shared that they would love to come to SK’s booth next time as well, and those who were not at the event left comments expressing their wishes to experience the exhibition in person soon.


Let’s check the online tour around SK Green Forest Pavliion if you missed the event by clicking the video below:


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