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“Together through thick and thin!” – SK Innovation’s global CSR activities in 2020
2020.12.23 | SKinno News


Being active in CSR activities to create social values has long been an essential part of SK Innovation. This year, as the whole world is struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic, most off-line group activities were limited and many of our regular CSR programs were delayed or canceled. However we are fully aware that more than ever, this is the time when we need to make more effort and find various ways to support those in need. Our targets are not limited inside Korea but expanded to other countries, especially where our global business sites are located.


Bidding farewell to 2020, let us wish for a better new year and keep our hearts stay close together while taking a look back at SK Innovation’s global CSR activities this year.



We also received a special message from Augusta University, Georgia, the U.S.



Last but not least, we have a Christmas present from Beautiful Mind Orchestra, the Grand Prize Winner of Great Music Festival this year. 



Thank you, our members and partners all over the world who have been with us through thick and thin.


SK Innovation promises to expand our social contribution activities and always be responsible partner to everyone.


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