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SK Innovation declared to secure 70% green assets by 2024 at 2023 Global Forum held in the US
2023.06.26 | SKinno News

■ More than 110 attendees, including the key executives of SK Innovation subsidiaries and global talents, participated in 2023 SK Innovation Global Forum held in San Jose, the US, on June 24 and 25

■ Participants shared insights and discussed about the latest technologies and trends of the sustainable energy market

■ Vice Chairman & CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun said, “The company will grow as a ‘Green Energy & Materials Company,’ continuously generating the driving force to move the world forward with its green businesses”


Vice Chairman & CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun and key executives of SK Innovation subsidiaries met global talents to share the achievements of the company’s “Carbon to Green” strategy and explored ways to expand its Green Portfolio.


In his opening remarks at the “SK Innovation Global Forum” held in San Jose, California, on June 24 (local time), Vice Chairman & CEO Kim said, “Through the execution of the Carbon to Green strategy, we will achieve our goal of securing 70% green assets by 2025, which was announced at the 2021 Story Day, ahead of schedule.” He also added, “We will expand our Green Portfolios, including zero-carbon and low-carbon energy and resource circulation, to achieve All Time Net Zero by 2062.”


The proportion of green assets secured by SK Innovation has expanded from 33% in 2020 to 61% in 2023. The goal is to increase the proportion of the assets to 70% by 2024, a year ahead of the original target.


The 2023 Global Forum is an event SK Innovation organized to expand its global network and discuss the latest technologies and market trends to actualize the future the company is striving to pursue. Over this two-day forum, held on June 24 and 25, approximately 80 global talents from academia and industry related to future energy, and more than 30 key executives from the SK Innovation subsidiaries, attended.


On June 24, the attendees engaged in discussion sessions conducted under six themes that are central to SK Innovation’s Carbon to Green strategies: ▲New Anchor (hydrogen, ammonia, etc.), ▲Recycle, ▲Green Transition, ▲Secondary Battery, ▲Green Materials, ▲Geo-Tech Net Zero Biz.


To execute the Carbon to Green strategy, SK Innovation is promoting “Green Anchoring,” which mainly involves the battery and separator business, and “Green Transformation,” which turns existing carbon-emitting businesses into eco-friendly ones. In particular, the company is making a strong drive to “New Green Anchoring,” which is expanding into new business areas such as ammonia and waste resource recovery.


On the discussion day, participants in the recycle session showed great interest in the “Ulsan ARC (Advanced Recycling Cluster),” the world’s first integrated plastic recycling complex planned by SK Geo Centric. The participants in the session shared the current state of responses on resource circulation by global companies and exchanged views on the establishment of a value chain for the expansion of plastic recycling product applications.


In the clean energy and green transition sessions, participants shared the latest technology trends centered on New Green Anchoring, such as ammonia, waste resource recovery, small modular reactor (SMR), and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Participants also exchanged questions from various perspectives, such as feasibility, growth strategies according to regional characteristics, and investment directions.


On the following day, major issues and new perspectives from the discussion sessions on the previous day were shared, followed by panel discussions comprised of representatives from each session.


Vice Chairman & CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun said, “From now on, SK Innovation will grow as a ‘Green Energy & Materials Company,’ and continuously generate the driving force that moves the world with a focus on green businesses,” and added, “Based on our strength of providing carbon-centered energy for the past 60 years, we will present a new paradigm in the future energy market.”


[Photo] SK Innovation Vice Chairman & CEO Kim Jun is giving a speech at 2023 Global Forum held in San Jose, California on June 24 (local time).




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