[Into the World of SK] SK On Hungary (SKOH)


Kim Yu-jin: Hello! Today, we are going to learn about SK On, a subsidiary of SK innovation that specializes in manufacturing EV batteries.


Park Keun-wook: Hello! I’m Park Keun-wook, from Battery Europe Marketing Unit 2, SK On. Nice to meet you!


Kim Yu-jin: Nice to meet you, too! Today’s destination on is Hungary, where SK On’s first battery production plant in Europe is located. Do you know the reason why Hungary was selected out of all the European countries?


Park Keun-wook: It’s because Hungary is a key location that is optimized for entering the global battery market. Hungary is located in a great geographical location that sits in a sweet spot allowing easy access to Central Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, and Central Asia. It also makes it advantageous to supply products to car factories in Hungary and in Slovakia, which is the neighboring country! In addition, Hungary’s labor power and corporate tax rate are competitive when it comes to entering the global battery market. That’s why Hungary was chosen.


Kim Yu-jin: Wow! You did your homework, didn’t you?


Park Keun-wook: Doesn’t every member of SK On know this?


Kim Yu-jin: I’m so curious about who work at this location. Let’s hurry up and meet them!


Park Keun-wook: Wait! Since I’m going to Hungary next week, I’ll try to say “Hello” in Hungarian! Szia!


Ildiko Lorincz: Sziasztok! My name is Ildiko Lorincz, and I work in the European Business Management Unit at SK On Hungary. I’m in charge of PR and CSR. I respond to the press and write press materials related to SK On Hungary.


▲ Ildiko Lorincz who is in charge of PR and CSR in SK On Hungary shows her business works.


Park Keun-wook: Örülök, hogy megismerhetem. (It’s nice to meet you!)


Kim Yu-jin: It’s nice to meet you, Ildiko! First, can you introduce SK On Hungary to our global viewers?


Ildiko Lorincz: As you both already know, SK On Hungary is SK On’s first electric vehicle battery production plant in Europe. It’s located in Komárom, which is in Komárom-Esztergom county in the northern part of Hungary. The annual production scale is 7.5GWh, which is enough to supply batteries for 120,000 EVs.


Park Keun-wook: Also, there’s another plant currently under construction in Ivansca, Hungary with a production capacity of 30GWh. Am I right?


Ildiko Lorincz: Yes indeed, Keun-wook! You’re right. And just recently, I heard good news that the Hungarian government decided to make investments in building basic infrastructure, such as roads and railways, in the Ivancsa region.


Park Keun-wook: I heard that news as well! It actually is good news that both SK On and the local community are growing together. Haha.


Kim Yu-jin: Yeah, and there’s another great news about SK On’s volunteer activities, it’s a tree planting!


Ildiko Lorincz: Yes, just as Yujin said, we took part in tree planting volunteer activities to improve the environment of the local community in June 2021. More people wanted to join than were allowed, and it was actually quite difficult having to give instructions again. But it was a fun experience.


Kim Yu-jin: Wow! I’m impressed with everyone’s passion! I heard some special people joined the event, right?


Ildiko Lorincz: Yes! Attila Molnár, the mayor of Komárom, and city council member Czunyiné Bertalan Judit agreed with the meaning of our campaign and joined us. And SK On Hungary was recognized for its social contribution activities and was awarded the Komárom-Esztergom County Representative Enterprise Award!


Park Keun-wook: Wow! I feel so proud after hearing this story.


Kim Yu-jin: How passionate members they are! So as the person in charge of internal and external communications, what is the work environment like there?


▲ The atmosphere at SK On Hungary office is full of passion, and all members are trying their best to communicate and cooperate with each other.


Ildiko Lorincz: I can see that everyone is so passionate about everything! Everyone actively participates in their works as well as volunteer activities. We requested the Production Unit to collaborate with us for the company newsletter content, and they were very excited to help us, even though I knew they were busy, so we were able to publish the newsletter without a hitch.


Park Keun-wook: That is really impressive. What you just said inspired me to be a person who shares the passion with others!


Kim Yu-jin: Since all of SK On’s members are full of passion, I bet SK On’s global reputation is only getting better.


Please check the video below for the full talk to learn more about Ildiko and SK On Hungary.


Author | SKinno News