Hong Chang-ui, Asphalt/Bunkering Business Office, SK Energy: “I wish to contribute to building a warm society with my passion”


Q1. Please introduce yourself and the roles of SK1004.


Hello, my name is Hong Chang-ui, a sales manager at Asphalt/Bunkering Business Office, SK Energy. I’m also a coordinator of SK1004, a volunteer group of SK Innovation. The roles of SK1004 coordinators are encouraging as many members of SK Innovation affiliates to participate in volunteer activities as possible, and help to make them more active and fun. Also, after receiving a program guideline from Value Creation Center, we are in charge of giving a more detailed explanation to the other members. For some programs, we are the ones who prepare the materials or ingredients and distribute them to the participants. During an activity, another role of us is to supervise the whole group. So, to put it simply, SK1004 is a group of leaders of multiple SK Innovation’s volunteer teams.


Q2. Could you name a few main programs that SK1004 volunteer group have been organizing?


Before COVID-19 pandemic, SK1004 volunteer group used to meet developmentally disabled children and the elderly who live alone in person and participate in some activities with them. However, since the pandemic outburst in 2020, rather than meeting in person, we changed to support them by making flowerpots or plushies that included our company members’ voice messages to cheer up and then delivered them to the children and the elderly. Since last year, we’ve also added a new program called “Sanhaejinmi” in Korean, or “EnviRun for the Earth” in English, a plogging campaign to protect the environment that is urging for everyone’s actions.


▲ SK1004 Volunteer Group has been organizing multiple programs to support the vulnerable during the pandemic


Q3. What motivated you to be a coordinator of SK1004 volunteer group for two consecutive years since 2021?


I has always been interested in volunteer activities for years, and I participated in Sunny, a volunteer program for students supported by SK when I was in college. When I first joined the company, I got an email about the voluntary program from the coordinator in charge at that time and thought that I should definitely participate in the program later. I love what we are doing as the coordinators, so I could say it my passion that motivated me to be a member of SK1004 volunteer group for two consecutive years.


▲ Hong Chang-ui took part in the Sunny Volunteer Group for students supported by SK when he was a student


I get a lot of positive energy doing volunteer activities not only from my peers but also from the recipients, and I wish more members could feel the positive energy while doing volunteer activities like I do.


Q4. What is your most memorable activity so far?


For me, the Plogging Campaign is the most memorable. Due to the pandemic, in the last two year, most of the other activities are making something at home on our own, so I hardly got a chance to interact with the other volunteers. But for the plogging activity, each group has 4 people to participate together, I could communicate with the other members in person. I felt rewarded and had fun at the same time.


▲ Hong Chang-ui and the other members of SK Energy participated in EnviRun Plogging Week in mid April 2022


Q5. What is your plan as a coordinator of SK1004 volunteer group this year?


The pandemic situation has recently improve, and it is expected to be relieved in the second half of this year. So I’m looking forward to meeting the elderly who live alone and developmentally disabled children in person. I also hope the EnviRun Plogging Campaign that SK Innovation affiliates have been carrying out will still be active. I’m grateful to the members of Maeumbeot (Heart Companion) team of which I’m in charge for their enthusiastic participation in voluntary activities all the time. We will try our best, so please keep looking forward for our activities and support us.


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