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SK Innovation held a strategy meeting at CES, accelerating ‘action’ for green innovation
2023.01.12 | SKinno News

■ SK Innovation held a strategic executive meeting at CES 2023 on January 6

■ Discussions on portfolio innovation, accelerating implementation, and methods to internalize ESG management

■ SK Innovation Vice Chairman & CEO Kim Jun: “The business environment is expected to be unfavorable in 2023. […] Risk management should also be strengthened.”


SK Innovation held its first strategy meeting of the new year at CES 2023 to discuss methods to accelerate the implementation of its green businesses and agreed to continue the effort by gathering company capabilities.


At the strategy meeting that took place on January 6 (local time), SK Innovation’s Vice Chairman Kim Jun and major executives of the company confirmed that meaningful results have been achieved for Carbon to Green through the implementation of financial stories. They sought ways to continue practical “Actions” and achievements in the future.


At CES 2023, SK Innovation introduced SK On’s SF (Super Fast) Battery and SK IE Technology’s Flexible Cover Window (FCW), which won Best of Innovation at CES 2023 Innovation Awards to the visitors at SK booth, along with other main products and technologies including the ones that won Innovation Award Honorees. The company and its affiliates also explained their future growth direction through CES 2023 showcase.


Especially, the company introduced a large number of products and technologies related to the Green Anchoring strategy that expands LiBS and next-generation materials centered on the battery business and the Green Transformation strategy that transforms existing carbon-emitting business into green.


“It is necessary to continue to make tangible outcomes from the transition to the ‘New Green Portfolio’ and earn a high corporate value for SK Innovation in the market,” said SK Innovation Vice Chairman & CEO Kim Jun. SK Innovation is striving to build a “New Green Portfolio” by the production of clean energy for electrification, the expansion of the Battery Metal Recycling (BMR) business for the construction of the recycling value chain, and so on.


SK Innovation is moving rapidly to accelerate green-centered innovation by opening the Open Innovation Post in Silicon Valley, San Francisco in November last year, aimed at collaboration with global experts. This project aims to secure future technologies through collaboration with external experts, including organizing a consortium with universities and research institutes.


Vice Chairman Kim also emphasized the internalization of ESG management: “Devising a good ESG management strategy is important, but the core is accomplishing genuine implementation and results.” He continued, “Let’s gain recognition and trust from external stakeholders and increase corporate value by advancing the ESG execution system through transparent communication.”


Finally, Vice Chairman Kim and management predicted an unfavorable business environment ahead in 2023 due to a sharp drop in international energy prices and a slowing global economy and decided to continue discussion on ways to overcome it. “Let’s prepare different scenarios for various possible situations and further strengthen risk management,” said Vice Chairman Kim.


Head of SK Innovation’s PR Office (Vice President) Kim Woo-kyung said, “It is important to check the future technologies and seek growth strategies on the site of CES, where we can see the competition among global companies.” “SK Innovation will speed up the green innovation in its businesses,” she added,




SK Innovation Vice Chairman & CEO Kim Jun is presiding over a strategy meeting at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, USA.



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