[CES 2023] A closer look at SK booth that shows “Actions” to reach Net Zero target together


“Together in Action”

Moving Toward a Carbon-Free Future Together



Multilple member companies of SK Group including SK Innovation are showcasing outstanding technologies at CES 2023 under the theme of “Together in Action”. SK booth includes four main zones: Futuremarks, Together in Action, SK Around Every Corner, and Zero Arcade. In the previous post, we have briefly introduced the general concept and messages of SK booth. This time, let’s take a closer look at what are displayed in each zones through various photos taken from CES 2023.


| Futuremarks – The future we will face if not taking “Action”

Entering the SK exhibition hall, the first thing visitors will see is the landmarks of major global cities half submerged in water. In “Futuremarks,” SK uses media art techniques to portray landmarks that have drowned underwater due to rising sea levels caused by climate change. To visitors witnessing a grim future of the familiar landmarks, it reminds them that taking “action” to stop climate change is no longer a “choice.”


According to a report released in 2022 by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (hereinafter “UN IPCC”), glaciers will melt as the Earth heats up, raising sea levels to around 2 meters by 2100. The crisis of the landmarks portrayed in Futuremarks can become a reality. Also, the “Every Action Counts” message at the end of the zone once again emphasizes that it is time for us to take action together.


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| Together in Action – Appeal to join the “Action” together

In the space that follows, ocean currents on the floor gradually turn into letters between the disappearing landmarks and the phrase “Together in Action” emerges. It encourages visitors to participate in SK’s actions to prevent climate change and guides them to the exhibition “Together in Action.” In the “Together in Action” Zone, SK’s commitment to reducing 200 million tons of carbon by 2030, or 1% of the global target, is emphasized again. It also asks visitors to join in for the reduction of the remaining 99%.


SK plans to reduce approximately 100 million tons by 2030 by improving process efficiency, renewable energy use expansion, fuel conversion, and forestation projects. It aims to further reduce approximately 100 million tons by promoting green technologies and projects. In this zone of the exhibition, visitors can also find out about the Friends that are on the Net Zero journey with SK.


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| SK, Around Every Corner – SK’s Net Zero technology deeply embedded in our lives is the key to restore blue sky

In the “SK, Around Every Corner” Zone, visitors can check SK’s Net Zero technology that can be found in our daily lives. The first thing that stands out is the “Sky Palette,” which portrays the clear skies of different cities around the world. A clear carbon-free sky achieved through the concerted efforts and action by SK and Friends is depicted in different colors with the passage of time. Also, it is the sky that all of us dreaming to “overcome the climate crisis” are yearning for.


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At the six corners of ▲ Clean Mobility, ▲ Zero Carbon Lifestyle, ▲ Waste to Resources, ▲ Air Mobility, ▲Green Digital Solution, and ▲ Future Energy, all located in “SK, Around Every Corner,” visitors can learn about SK’s Net Zero technology that can be found in our daily lives. Through this exhibition hall, SK makes a statement to not only the viewers but also all stakeholders around the world, that SK and Friends have already taken a step forward for action to reduce carbon emissions, and suggests we all act together with strong determination.


At the “Clean Mobility” corner, SK Inc., SK Innovation, SK E&S, and SKC showcase various products related to green energy, including ▲ EV batteries, ▲ EV fast chargers, ▲ Simple battery diagnosis services, ▲ EV battery materials, ▲ Hydrogen chargers, and ▲ Hydrogen fuel cells. Especially, this corner is where visitors can look at the majority of SK Innovation’s green technologies. The first technology that stands out is the SF (Super Fast) battery by SK On, a subsidiary of SK Innovation’s battery business, which has won the CES 2023 Best of Innovations Awards. The SF battery has the fastest charging speed among existing EV batteries. With SK On’s differentiated cell design and coating technology, the battery charges up to 80% in just 18 minutes.


Moreover, visitors will find the all-solid-state battery cell developed by SK On’s partner Solid Power, the S-Pack that applies SK On’s cell-to-pack (CTP) technique, and the NCM9+ cell – an upgraded version of SK On’s NCM9. NCM9 is the battery cell that SK On sucessfully mass-produced for the first time in the world. Other items of Clean Mobility corner also includes SK IE Technology’s self-developed Lithium-ion Battery Separator (LiBS), which is an essential material that determines the safety and performan of lithium-ion battery cells; SK IE Technology’s FCW (Flexible Cover Window), the first product of SK that ever won Best of Innovation at CES Innovation Awards along with the SF Battery; and SK Geo Centric’s UD (Unidirectional) Tape, a lightweight car materials; and SK Enmove’s EVF (EV Fluid) that cools down electric motors, reduction gears and other parts quickly while cutting off unnecessary electrical flows inside drivetrains.


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The “Zero Carbon Lifestyle” corner is has the concept of a house where visitors can find various SK’s technologies that enable carbon-free daily lifestyle. Visitors can find out about SK’s various technologies that enable a carbon-free lifestyle. SK Inc., SK E&S, and SK Biopharmaceuticals caught visitors’ attention by introducing technologies that visitors can encounter in everyday life, such as ▲ Digital healthcare, ▲ Solar panels, and ▲ Smart glasses. Using SK Biopharmaceuticals’ healthcare wearable device, epilepsy seizures can be predicted and detected without visiting the hospital. The device reduces 6,000 tons of emissions annually by drastically reducing hospital visits.


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In the third corner “Waste to Resources”, SK Geo Centric, SK Ecoplant, and SKC showcase SK’s other innovative technologies to achieve Net Zero, including various ways to recycle waste resources such as ▲ Urban oil fields (recycling plastic), ▲ Urban mines (e-waste recycling), and ▲ Battery Metal Recycling (BMR). Visitors can take a glimpse of SK Group member companies’ efforts to create a virtuous cycle of resources that protects the environment by recreating resources from used up products and waste.


In particular, SK Geo Centric’s “Urban Oil Field” means converting the large amount of waste plastic produced from daily living to oil resources. The “Advanced Recycling Cluster,” which can treat 250,000 tons of waste plastic annually, is scheduled to be completed in Ulsan in 2025 based on three core chemical recycling techniques: depolymerization, supercritical PP extraction, and pyrolysis post-treatment. Depolymerization is a technology to recycle colored and contaminated PET and polyester fibers that could once only be incinerated. Supercritical PP Extraction technology means recycling polypropylene (PP) used in automobile interior materials and home appliances, and Pyrolysis post-treatment technology indicates the technology of recreating pyrolysis oil into petrochemical products.


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The fourth corner “Air Mobility” and the fifth corner “Green Digital Solution” offer exciting experiences for visitors. In the “Air Mobility” corner, visitors can get on a life-size UAM (Urban Air Mobility) provided by SK Telecom and experience VR flights over Busan, a candidate for the 2030 World EXPO, and also see the hydrogen drones by SK E&S.


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The “Green Digital Solution” corner highlights the technologies of SK Hynix and SK Enmove. By playing games, visitors can try cooling down the Earth, which has been heated in the digital era by a sharp rise in data, such as autonomous driving and AI. SK Hynix’s low-power semiconductor and SK Enmove’s data center liquid immersion cooling technology appear as game items, and visitors can see the positive influence of energy saving and carbon reduction by playing the games.


Data center liquid immersion cooling is an efficient next-generation thermal management technology that immerses data servers directly into coolant. Compared to conventional air-cooling, which circulates low-temperature air or installs fans to cool data center server rooms, this technology reduces total power consumption by 30%, and thus reduces carbon emissions accordingly. In addition, it can reduce investment operating costs by more than 20% compared to air-cooling due to reduced power usage.


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In the sixth corner “Future Energy,” the green future energy value chain that SK intends to implement through CCUS and renewable energy technologies is depicted through a 3D graphic video. CCUS stands for “Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage,” which refers to a technology that collects and utilizes carbon emitted in the atmosphere or stores it safely and permanently. Recently, SK Earthon, a subsidiary of SK Innovation’s oil development business, has been focusing on CCUS.


Visitors can also learn about ammonia fuel cells and next-generational Small Modular Reactor (SMR), which are in the spotlight along with hydrogen as a future energy source and an efficient means of transporting green energy. In June last year, SK Innovation invested $30 million in Amogy, an American company specializing in ammonia-based fuel cell systems. Along with SK Inc., SK Innovation and SK Energy participates in multiple joint investments which includes the co-fundraising in Terra Power to jointly develop “next-generational technologies” needed for small modular reactors (SMRs).


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At “Zero Arcade,” which is the last corner in SK Exhibition Hall, visitors can choose different items to reduce carbon in their daily lives at the Wheel of Action game. Also, action points obtained by agreeing to take action of these items are donated to SK Innovation’s ongoing Mangrove Reforestation Project*. In particular, this year, the amount of carbon generated in all processes related to the exhibition, including the construction of the halls and logistics, will be disclosed. The creation of mangrove forests will offset the amount of carbon generated. Visitors are once again urged to take “action” together to move toward a sustainable future for the next generation.

(*) SK Innovation Mangrove Reforestation Project: supports mangrove forest creation and restoration research with local universities in Vietnam using the “1% Happiness Sharing” fund created by voluntary donations of 1% of company members’ basic salary.


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At the SK exhibition hall composed with various innovative products and technologies, visitors can learn more about SK & Friends’ “actions” to bring a better and sustainable future together. Learn more details by visiting SK booth at the CES 2023 or SK Innovation’s online channels including Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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