SK ZIC, SK EnClean ranked No. 1 in Korea Brand Power Index for 23 consecutive years


SK Lubricants’ engine oil brand SK ZIC and SK Energy’s gasoline brand SK EnClean were selected as the Golden Brands of the “Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI) 2021” supervised by Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC).


The Golden Brand is awarded to the representative brands of each industry, which has ranked No.1 for more than 10 years consecutively among the industry’s No. 1 brands. Hereby, it has been the 23th consecutive year that SK ZIC and SK Enclean ranked No.1 in the engine oil sector and gasoline sector, respectively, since the K-BPI survey began in 1999.



01| SK ZIC reinforces ESG management and leads the eco-friendly market by applying recycled containers for the first time in Korea


SK Lubricants, a subsidiary of SK Innovation, has been exporting lubricant base oils and finished products to more than 200 customers in about 50 countries around the world.


SK Lubricants launched ZIC A in 1995, pioneering the 5W semi-synthetic oil market and approached customers with the sensible phrase “Engine oil that sounds sound.” In 2001, SK Lubricants launched the premium engine oil ZIC XQ. With an advertising campaign titled “If you think about the car price, ZIC XQ,” SK Lubricants expanded the domestic synthetic oil market while strengthening the distinctiveness of SK ZIC brand.


Afterwards, in 2015, SK Lubricants increased the convenience of end-users and customers through a full brand renewal, and provided differentiated value to customers through a campaign stating “SK ZIC did not use low-grade base oil”.


 ▲ SK ZIC ZERO products and the Life Box campaign launched in October 2020.


SK Lubricants is taking the lead in ESG management last year by launching the eco-friendly brand SK ZIC ZERO. From the containers to caps and labels, SK ZIC ZERO products are made from recycled materials so called ZERO WASTE packaging, which is the first in Korea.


SK ZIC, which has led the semi-synthetic oil market and the premium engine oil market in the past, will continue to be a trend setter in the future market with its focus on eco-friendly engine oil products.


 ▲ (Left) The sponsorship signing ceremony between SK ZIC and FC Barcelona in 2018 / (Right) SK ZIC was selected as No.1 National Brand in Russia twice


SK ZIC is recognized as a top brand in global market as well. SK ZIC signed a sponsorship agreement with the world-famous football team FC Barcelona in 2018 to increase global brand awareness. In Russia, SK ZIC was selected as No.1 National Brand twice in 4 consecutive years (the award was given once every 2 years). In addition, SK ZIC also won the Most Welcome Brand Award at The 3rd China Automotive After Sales Channel and Parts Supply Chain Union Top Awards Ceremony in 2020 hosted by AC Motors in Shanghai in August last year.


02| SK EnClean maintains the No. 1 brand by continuously improving customer satisfaction.


In 1996, SK Energy provided various benefits to customers by issuing the EnClean Bonus Card, the first membership card issued by a refinery in Korea. Since then, SK EnClean has been a popular name among gas station membership services in the country.


Since 2019, SK Energy has been implementing a new concept every year by launching the SK Oilropass payment, a fueling free pass that can be used at SK Gas stations nationwide.


The season 1 campaign for SK Oilropass, which was in 2019, had the concept of Youth Free Fueling Free Pass. The targets of this campaign were people from 25 to 35 years old who were planning the summer vacation. Those who got SK Oilropass were given free fuel equivalent to KRW 200,000 (about USD 200) and a chance to “pass” the happiness of life accumulated through “experience”, the journey they took. During the campaign time, SK Oilropass ranked No. 1 in the top 20 portal searching terms in Korea and received a great response from the young generation.


 ▲(Left) SK Energy’s SK Oilropass season 1 campaign in 2019 / (Right) SK Energy’s SK Oilropass season 2 campaign in 2020


Last year, as the global pandemic COVID-19 hit Korea, the second season of SK Oilropass campaign had a different concept and targets. This time, the SK Oilropass packages were delivered to about 3,800 COVID-19 heroes, including medical staff and volunteers as a way to encourage and thank them for their hard work during difficult time.


Also, SK Energy has been strengthening its customer-centered brand competitiveness by through the partnership cards that provide various services tailored to customers and high discount benefits.



Author | SKinno News