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[Documentary] MangLub, the Vietnamese social enterprise protecting mangrove forest
2022.09.02 | SKinno News

Known as “The lungs of Asia,” mangrove forests have a remarkable capacity of capturing carbon dioxide and act as the natural walls against tsunamis and erosions. They are also home to many species and provide diverse economic benefits to local communities as well.


However, mangroves were damaged mostly by human activities in recent few decades. To protect them, since 2018, SK Innovation has been working on the ‘Mangrove Reforestation Project’ and restored about 165ha with 550,000 new trees in Tra Vinh, Vietnam (by July 2022).


With multiple partners, SK Innovation also established ‘MangLub,’ the first social enterprise in Tra Vinh to not only spread the green social value, but also create more jobs, and provide environmental education to the locals.


Recently, MangLub and SK Innovation have started a new project that measure how much carbon the mangrove trees that they planted have absorbed so far. Based on the collected data, they can predict the amount of carbon that will be reduced in 10 and 20 years, and eventually extend to carbon credit related business.


Let’s follow us to Tra Vinh to hear the stories behind and find out the vision of the people who protect our mangrove forest there.

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