Introducing the finalists of the 6th Great Music Festival, a special annual event for musicians with developmental disabilities


“Where the music of miracles begins!”



SK Innovation holds the Great Music Festival (hereafter GMF) every year for developmentally disabled musician groups across the country and supports them to reach their dreams through the harmony created by their musical talents.


Since October 2017, SK Innovation has been holding GMF every year, and this year marks 6th anniversary of GMF. As the GMF final stage was broadcast live on YouTube due to COVID-19 for the past two years, this year’s offline event further raises the expectations and excitement of all participating teams. Up until today, 161 groups and 1,785 performers have participated in GMF, and GMF has developed into the largest music festival for the developmentally disabled in Korea.


SK Innovation has encouraged employee volunteer activities for those with developmental disabilities, and endeavored for the group members’ deeper understanding for them. In particular, GMF is an event created by SK Innovation’s continuous efforts to help the developmentally disabled grow and establish themselves as solid members of society. Its devotion and commitment can be easily observed through the rich and diverse music festival held every year.


This year’s GMF, its 6th event, will be held at the Grand Hall of Konkuk University’s New Millennium Hall on October 4th. It is hosted by the Heart to Heart Foundation*, and is sponsored and supported by SK Innovation, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, SM Entertainment, and the Social Welfare Community Chest./span>

(*) Heart to Heart Foundation: Established in 1988, this social welfare organization is devoted to supporting the underprivileged children and their families home and abroad and engaged in cultural welfare projects such as the foundation of Heart to Heart Orchestra composed of young musicians with developmental disabilities.


Last year’s 5th GMF was held in a form of non-contact talk concert due to COVID-19, and was also broadcast live through SK Innovation’s official YouTube channel. Many viewers joined this event to witness the fruition of passion and efforts put in by the musicians with developmental disabilities, and a series of warm and encouraging messages for the musicians filled the YouTube live chat. However, the event’s drawback was that the performers were not able to interact with audience on an actual stage setting.


The 6th GMF this year will be held as an offline event with audience present in person which could not happen for last 2 years. This event is highly anticipated by performers who have been waiting for a live stage where they can meet their audience, and by audiences who wanted to experience a real, live stage. Also, as in previous years, viewers can enjoy the stage in real time through live broadcast of SK Innovation’s official YouTube channel ( This is expected to have great significance, making the event a place for social integration where many people can come together to make the world a better place.


▲ Photos of the finalists of GMF from 2017 to 2021


Teams advancing to the finals will compete for the championship at the 6th GMF Finals on October 4. In order to further improve each team’s performance skills and techniques that can add to the excitement on stage, professors and instructors of the social enterprise ‘Tool Music’ are providing customized lessons.


The 6 finalist teams will be provided with not only a chance to perform, but also a total of KRW 21 million cash prize, more specifically ▲ KRW 10 million prize money for the first prize winner, ▲ KRW 5 million prize money for the second prize winner, ▲ KRW 2 million prize money for two third prize winners, respectively and ▲ KRW 1 million prize money for two fourth prize winners, respectively. In particular, the winning team of the grand prize will receive the Korean Ministerial Prize of Culture, Sports and Tourism, for the purpose of revitalizing performance teams of musicians with developmental delayed.


In addition, the winners will be provided with special opportunities to perform on stage, for example in various in-house events held by SK Innovation, and events of public and private organizations in local communities.


The 6 finalists that will compete in the final stage of the 6th GMF include ▲ 4 teams in the Classical Music category (Dasoni Chamber Orchestra, Bellus Clarinet Ensemble, Einsbaum Wind Chamber, and Console Piano Ensemble), and ▲ 2 teams in the Applied Music category (Dreamy Arts Troupe, and Aria Nanta). Here are the six teams that made it to the finals with continuous efforts and passion.








Author | SKinno News