SK Innovation
SK Innovation developed an electrocatalyst technology that converts CO2 to CO
■ SK Innovation’s Institute of Environmental Science and Technology gained a foothold for the commercialization of CO2 conversion to CO by the independent development of an electrocatalyst. – Published in a top-class academic journal in environmental studies as a spotlighted method to reduce greenhouse gases ■ “In combination with the R&D potential in energy & ...
SK Innovation and its affiliates launch their efforts for Busan's bid to host the 2030 World Expo in and outside of Korea
■ Promotions backing Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo were held in various places in Korea such as the media wall at Seoul headquarters, the electronic signboard at the Jeju World Cup Stadium, etc. ■ SKI will also support the hosting of the 2030 Busan World Expo at the world’s largest plastics exhibition ...
Introducing the finalists of the 6th Great Music Festival, a special annual event for musicians with developmental disabilities
  “Where the music of miracles begins!”     SK Innovation holds the Great Music Festival (hereafter GMF) every year for developmentally disabled musician groups across the country and supports them to reach their dreams through the harmony created by their musical talents.   Since October 2017, SK Innovation has been holding GMF every year, ...
SK Innovation is evaluated as a leading global green energy company through “Big Picture,” and “Deep Change”
■ The Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation announced a research analysis on SK Innovation’s points for its innovative growth as the company celebrates its 60th foundation anniversary – Through the late Chairman Chey Jong-hyon’s “Big Picture,” and Chairman Chey Tae-won’s “Deep Change,” SK Innovation has grown from an oil refiner into a global green energy leader ■ ...
SK Innovation measures the impact of GHG from the entire process of gasoline in real time and becomes the first in Korean industry to acquire global certification
■ The company’s self-developed measurement system for carbon footprint from energy/chemical products acquired international certification by an independent certifier. ■ The system automatically calculates the lifetime greenhouse gas emission of gasoline, diesel, ethylene, propylene, and other major energy/chemical products. ■ “A quantitative assessment of the company’s effort for Net Zero… expecting to achieve the Net ...
[Card News] A case of Digital Transformation by applying Crawler Robots
SK Innovation Ulsan Complex is on the verge of transforming into a complete smart plant through strong Digital Transformation efforts. One example is the case of applying Crawler Robots that can inspect facilities like oil tanks safely and efficiently.        
[SK Innovation's Q2 2022 Financial Results] Recording sales of KRW 19.91 trillion, operating profit hit KRW 2.33 trillion with improvements in the core businesses, including large increase in refining product exports
■ Evenly improved performance in all business areas by inventory-related gains of the refining business due to a sharp rise in refining margin and rise in oil prices, etc. – Through the optimization of the refining business’ facility operation and enhanced profits and losses from trading, accomplished operating profit of KRW 2.2291 trillion. – The ...
SK Innovation makes an equity investment in Fulcrum BioEnergy to adopt a next generation “waste to fuel” technology
■ The company made a USD 20 million of equity investment in Fulcrum and is considering the global business of converting waste into fuel ■ Fulcrum is the first American company to begin to commercialize a process for producing synthetic crude oil from household garbage ■ “By expanding its green business portfolio, SK Innovation seeks ...
[Interview] Meet the SK Innovation researchers who suggested a novel bacteria-based carbon reduction technology
▲ From left: Kim Tae-wan, Song Jae-yang, La Yeon-hwa, and Lee Ki-sung, the authors of “A bacteria-based carbon sequestration and waste recycling system” study published on Scientific Reports on June 28, 2022.   On June 28, a study about the applicability of a carbon cycle system using sulphur-oxidising bacteria co-written by four researchers of Water ...
SK Innovation invests in Amogy, an ammonia-powered fuel cell system company
■ SK Innovation invested USD 30 million in Amogy and held the signing ceremony in San Jose, the United States.   ■ Amogy developed the technology to produce hydrogen fuel cells from ammonia, the future green energy source.   ■ SK Innovation and Amogy agree that ammonia is a sustainable choice to cut carbon emissions, ...
SK Innovation Vice Chairman says the company is accelerating business portfolio innovation centered on zero/low-carbon and circular economy
■ Vice Chairman Kim Jun delivered a keynote speech at the “SKI Global Forum,” held in San Jose, the U.S., on June 11 and 12 (local time)   ■ “Pushing forward with the business portfolio in electrification and recycling areas for the future growth”   ■ SK Innovation plans to continue activities to build successful ...
SK Innovation donates KRW 100 million funded by visitors at CES 2022 and starts the Mangrove Reforestation Project in Vietnam this year
▲ On behalf of SK Group, SK Innovation donates the green points fund worth of KRW 100 million (VND 1.8 billion) in June 9 (local time) to the Mangrove Reforestation Project. From the left: Head of SK Innovation Value Creation Center Lim Su-kil, Vice Chairman of Tra Vinh People’s Committee Nguyen Trung Hoang, CEO of ...