SKinno News Management Policy

Welcome to SKinno News!

SKinno News desires to effectively communicate with customers through a variety of content. Some of our key policies are summarized below to help customers have a better understanding as to how SKinno News shares such content freely.


• Management Policy

◦ A range of content (such as texts, images, and videos) is posted and shared by SKinno News, and a comment feature is made available to the public.

◦ While users can freely write comments on any post by SKinno News, we are not responsible for the consequences of writing such comments. Furthermore, posts and comments that violate the Content/Comment Policy set out below may be deleted by the operator at his/her discretion.


• Content/Comment Policy
For the purpose of open communication, all comments posted by users on SKinno News shall be disclosed to the general public. However, users are advised that any comment under the following categories may be deleted or made unavailable to the public by the operator without prior notice to protect customers and the corporate reputation of SK Innovation:

◦ Advertising or spam comments that are irrelevant to the website

◦ Comments having no bearing on the content(s) in question

◦ A repetition of comments involving malicious intent without reasonable grounds or using insulting, abusive, or obscene language

◦ Misrepresentation or deceptive or fraudulent acts resulting in apparent violations of another person’s privacy

◦ Acts that violate another person’s rights, including intellectual property, right of publicity, etc.

◦ Acts of posting content for a profit-making purpose on behalf of any company or individual, and comments or links relating to such content


• Copyright Policy
Users are prohibited from copying, downloading, or distributing any SKinno News content, including logos, marks, and designs, for commercial purposes.


• Customer Response Policy

◦ SKinno News sincerely responds to the questions asked by customers regarding the marketing and event content that is uploaded on this website.

◦ With respect to customers’ questions inconsistent with the objectives of this website (inquiries concerning SK Innovation’s services, suggestions concerning the products of SK Innovation, etc.), SKinno News will guide the customer to the responsible department(s) for further assistance.


* Please note that the policies mentioned above are subject to change and that customers will be notified of such changes through public notices.

These policies shall come into effect on May 13, 2020