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SK Innovation takes part in the Green Business Week 2023
2023.11.22 | SKinno News

A panoramic view of the SK exhibition hall during Green Business Week 2023 (GBW 2023) that was held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from November 22 to 24 (local time)


“For Earth, for us, for future!”


In the era of energy transformation, riding the global Green Transformation wave toward achieving net-zero has become an imperative task for humanity to save the Earth’s environment. As a result, companies all over the world are taking leaps forward into the growth of green businesses, while making revolutionary changes throughout the industry.

SK Innovation, a company that aims to become a Green Energy & Materials Company, participated in Green Business Week 2023, along with SK Inc. and SK E&S.

This year’s Green Business Week was hosted by the National Assembly Hydrogen Economy Forum and was held at COEX in Samseongdong, Seoul from November 22 to 24 (local time). Guided by the motto, “For Earth, for us, for future,” the exhibition hall is a place where attendees can take a look at the latest trends and technologies from various perspectives, while observing the significant transition towards carbon neutrality and the integration of green infrastructure.



Specifically within the SK Group exhibition hall, observers can witness SK’s practical efforts for a sustainable future facilitated by smart technology. Furthermore, a diverse array of technological capabilities on display serves as evidence that SK has already initiated its path towards achieving net-zero. The SK Group exhibition hall is organized into four zones- EV Battery, Waste Recycling, Clean Mobility, and Clean Energy.


The history of SK batteries can be seen in the EV Battery zone. Battery produced by SK On, such as Prismatic Battery, SF Battery (Super Fast Battery), Cobalt Free Battery (Co-Free Battery), and All-solid-state Battery, along with the battery technology advancements accomplished by SK Innovation and its affiliates can be seen in the same area. In the waste recycling zone, SK Geo Centric showcases three major waste plastic advanced recycling technologies – pyrolysis, depolymerization, and high-purity polypropylene (PP) extraction – which are currently being promoted in collaboration with other global companies.



In the Clean Mobility zone, attendees can see SK Inc.’s EV charger technology, consisted of an unrivaled charger manufacturing know-how and global infrastructure. In addition, displays of SK E&S’s hydrogen fuel cell business model, which is currently applied across various industrial fields, are showcased. Drones that are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells provide a glimpse into the future eco-friendly mobility industry that is envisioned by SK Group. Meanwhile in the Clean Energy Zone, SK’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) plant model and ammonia decomposition-based fuel display system technology, as well as the Carbon Capture and Utilization Storage (CCUS) technology that captures, stores, and utilizes carbon dioxide, demonstrate SK’s advanced technology committed to green growth.



Want to experience SK’s evolving commitment to a sustainable future that tackles the urgent climate crisis and dedication to net-zero on Earth? Visit SK Group’s exhibition hall during Green Business Week 2023 to see what your future may look like with the help of SK Group’s efforts.


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