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From culture, education, to healthcare – SK IE Technology actively participates in various local contribution programs in Poland
2021.09.29 | SKinno News

▲ CEO of SK hi-tech battery materials Poland Park Byoung-chul (first from left) delivers an award to the Polish winner of the 13th Michał Spisak International Festival on September 23rd , 2021 (local time)


SK IE Technology is actively practicing ESG management in and outside Korea. At Poland, the hometown of Chopin and where the company’s subsidiary SK hi-tech battery materials Poland (SKBMP) is located, the company is participating in a special program related to music that create social values in local community: Michał Spisak International Festival, or Michał Spisak International Music Competition (hereafter “Spisak Competition”).


Spisak Competition is a music competition organized by the Municipality of Dąbrowa Górnicza and Zagłębie Palace of Culture and held annually in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland. The event was named after Michał Spisak, one of the most outstanding contemporary Polish composer who was born in Dąbrowa Górnicza. It is open to musicians all over the world with various activities, and 2021 marks the 13th year of the event. The 13th Michał Spisak International Festival takes place from September 14 to 23, and SK hi-tech battery materials Poland has become one of the patrons of this meaningful event.


▲ (Left) Photo of Michal Spisak (left) / (Right) SKBMP’s name appeared as one of the main sponsors of the Michał Spisak International Festival 2021 – Image source: Michał Spisak International Music Competition official website


▲ Agata Piontec won the first prize in Clarinet category at the 13th Michał Spisak International Festival, 2021


Spisak Competition focus on play woodwind instruments such as bassoon, clarinet, and oboe. This year, more than 120 musicians from all over the world, including Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Korea competed in this event. After a few rounds of competition, the final stage with awards ceremony was held on September 23 (local time). The winners are: Joana Soares (Oboe) from of Portugal, Agata Piątek (Clarinet) from Poland, and Benjámin Dolfin (Bassoon) from Hungary On behalf of BKBMP, CEO Park Byoung-chul attended the ceremony to deliver the award to the Polish winner.


▲ CEO of SKBMP Park Byoung-chul (second from left in the right photo) takes photos with the winners of the 13th Michał Spisak International Festival on September 23rd (local time)


Earlier, in July, SKBMP signed a patronage contract with the organizers of Spisak Competition and delivered 70,000 Zloty (approx. 18000 USD) to support the event. At the end of August, SKBMP’s name appeared on the homepage of Spisak Competition (http://spisakcompetition.com/) as an official sponsor with introduction as “a global company in the field of E-mobility.” The organizers also mentioned that “Working with SKBMP is a perfect example of how a company can fulfill its social responsibility.”



Aside from the music festival sponsorship, SKBMP has also been contributing to the local community through other programs, including education and healthcare related activities.


On July 16 (local time), SKBMP signed an industry-academic cooperation with CKZiU Technical School located in Sosnowiec, Silesian, Poland to contribute to job creation in the local community. SKBMP donated 662,740 Zloty (approx. 170,000 USD) to support investment in educational facilities such as electric, mechanical training equipment, etc. It was reported that Sosnowiec Mayor Zbigniew Byszewski, Deputy Representative of Katowice Special Economic Zone Mateusz Rykała, Dean of CKZiU Technical School Jacek Górski, and CEO of SKBMP Park Byung-chul attended the signing and delivery ceremony at CKZiU Technical School.


Aside from CKZiU Technical School, SKBMP will also participate in similar cooperation with two other local technical schools this year. In the long run, the company plans to keep contributing to job creation in the local community by linking with company recruitment.


▲ SKBMP and local representatives at the industry-academic cooperation ceremony event held at CKZiU Technical School located in Sosnowiec, Silesian, Poland, on July 16th


Moreover, on July 8 (local time), SKBMP members took part in a blood donation volunteer program to support the Polish community, which is experiencing blood shortage as the number of donors has decreased due to the prolonged COVID-19. The blood donated with the voluntary participation of local members was delivered to a local hospital, which later sent SKBMP a thank-you note to show their appreciation for the company’s contribution during this hard time.


▲ SKBMP members went to donate blood at the Blood Donating Buses on July 8th


We look forward to more activities from SKBMP and SK IE Technology to build a better community where its business sites are located, and hope to receive continues support from the local governments and residents.



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