“Work hard, play hard!” – The story of a former pro-gamer now working at SK Energy


Talking about eSports, one cannot leave out Korea. Having the most pro-gamers ranking at the global top, online games are embraced and nurtured as a big industry, and Korean eSports pro players would be as famous as a celebrity. .


Today let’s follow us to meet Lim Tae Gyu, a former pro-gamer who is working at the Quality Management Unit 1 of SK Energy. Even though he is no longer a pro-player, online game is still an important part that helps him to keep the work-life balance now.


| Boost energy through online games


Due to COVID-19, non-face-to-face activities have become more common.
So I think having stay-home hobbies is no longer optional but necessary now.”


For Lim Tae Gyu, playing online games is a fountain of joy, a widow’s cruse that creates positive energy. It is a hobby for his work-life balance and acts like a charger to help him boost his energy level, revitalize after a working day. Since last year, the COVID-19 has been forcing people to take less outdoor activities, and as the pandemic is prolonged, having a hobby to enjoy at home is no longer merely a type of lifestyles but what everyone needs. This is also when online games has been become more popular, since they have relatively low costs compared to other hobbies while social distancing are being kept. Lim said that the good points of playing online games is that he can chat and spend time with friends without meeting in person, and free calling programs such as Skype are always there to facilitate people’s communications.



Lim shared that, “If you want a fun life, it’s good to have hobbies that suit you. If you’re wondering what kind of hobbies you’re going to have, you can cask and share information with your colleagues and friends to try together. Even a little unplanned and spontaneous attempt can sometimes add vitality to a tiring daily life and increase work immersion, enable a real work-life balance.”


| A unique background as former pro-gamer


 ▲ Lim Tae Gyu when he was active as a pro-gamer of StarCraft


Lim Tae Gyu was actually a famous player among StarCraft fans (Yes, you can google to see his profile as a pro-gamer of StarCraft). In 2005, at the young age of 16, he lived in a camp with other amateurs to prepare for his dream of becoming a pro-gamer. “In the early days of my camp life, I joined the PC bang (gaming café in Korea) competition once a month, but I lost all the time,” said Lim. This was when playing game is no longer just for fun, it became a “goal” to him. It was because he learned that his pro-gamer debut would be difficult if he were not desperate enough.


“At that time, I made a daily schedule and spent more than 15 hours a day to practice and study strategies.”


Lim Tae Gyu’s strong tenacity and effort came to fruits after about two months. He won the “Courage match” where StarCraft semi-pro players would be selected. In 2007, Lim’s dream of becoming a pro-gamer became true he passed the professional game team’s entrance test. In six years as a pro gamer, he dedicated his talent and passion in StarCraft Pro League, Personal League, and more.


However, in 2012, eSports industry became stagnated, and Lim decided to retire as a pro-gamer. It was true that he had become a pro-gamer because of his genuine love for the games, but he realized that playing games as a profession is far different from playing as a hobby.


| A new journey as a member of SK Energy


When Lim Tae Gyu decided to quit his path as a pro-gamer and take on a new path, his father, who was in the electrical field, gave him an advice that changed his life. He spent 4 years to focus on study and finally got into SK Energy in 2016. Lim Tae Gyu, who turned a new page of his life at the Quality Management Unit 1 of SK Energy, is now in charge of product/semi-finished product experimentation and quality control.


 ▲ Lim Tae Gyu is now working at the Quality Management Unit 1 of SK Energy


“It’s great that now my mind is at peace, without the pressure of grades and competition.

My habit of building the play order and strategy planning as a pro-gamer helps a lot at work.

This is how I can put the order of each task well and build up my work efficiently.”


Turning from a pro-gamer to now a “pro-tester”, Lim Tae Gyu has proved how strong will, persistence and diligence can lead a person to a new success. Let’s wish his “play hard, work hard” mind will bring him more and more happiness in the future.



Author | SKinno News