[Interview] Attila Molnár, Komarom Mayor: “SK Innovation’s success is also the key to Komarom’s success!”


SK Innovation continues to support global partners to fight COVID-19 through another donation to Komárom city, Hungary. On May 21, it was reported that SK Innovation donated 16 million Hungarian Forints (about 50,000 USD) to Komárom City, where the company’s first EV battery factory in Europe is located.


Meanwhile, SK Innovation’s first EV battery plant in Komárom with an annual capacity of 7.5GWh started operating from January. The second one with production level of 9.8GWh at the same location is also under construction. Previously, SK Innovation had donated 15 million of Forints in total to three public foundations in Komárom.


▲(Left) Location of Komárom, Hungary / (Right) Dr. Attila Molnár, Mayor of Komárom city


Due to the situation of COVID-19, the donation ceremony was not held. However, Dr. Attila Molnár, Mayor of Komárom sent a letter of appreciation to SK Innovation, and shared his thoughts through an interview in written format with SKinno News.


Q1. We are all facing many difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, and we know that Komárom is no exception. How is the situation in Komárom now?


A> Komárom city took strict measures immediately when the outbreak started in Hungary. The city operational team in charge of the epidemic continuously followed the national guidelines. We banned visiting to nursing homes, and indoor events in all municipal buildings. We also asked local restaurants and event halls to cancel events that may attract large crowds. Many public facilities and even the kindergartens and schools were also shut down. There was a volunteer network that takes care of seniors over 90 in Komárom. Moreover, we created a Corona Virus Protection Funding account that are, thankfully, supported by many donors, including SK Innovation. Besides, thanks to the hard work of the health care workers and the volunteers, as well as the discipline of Komárom residents, together we have managed to stop the spread of the virus.


Q2. Komarom is a significant global business site to SK Innovation, since this is our first production base in Europe and the largest single-investment overseas plant so far. One of the main reasons for us to choose Komarom was because of the local government’s active support and cooperation. So could you share with us your thoughts on SK Innovation’s investment?


A> The companies in Komárom city industrial park are extremely important to us, since the business tax they pay largely determines the budget for not only public infrastructure improvements, but also the diversified welfare system in Komárom. For instance, we are thinking of non-refundable subsidy for the newly married couples, free meals for nurseries and kindergartens, free Rotavirus vaccination, operating the Higher Education Municipal Scholarship program, etc. Without the tax on industrial park companies, all this would not be possible! Furthermore, our goal is that the Komárom residents can work inside the city, so they do not have to spend long hours commuting. To meet this goal, we need many good job opportunities here. SK Innovation’s investment in Komárom is one of the largest greenfield investments in Hungary and also outstanding by EU standards, so the scale itself already showed how promising the business will be and how important it is to us.


Q3. What could be the benefits or advantages of Komarom that global investors should know?


A> First of all, our location. Komárom city is located halfway between Budapest and Vienna, and it is also a border crossing to Slovakia so we can get to Bratislava in less than an hour and a half. The city is just five minute drive from the M1 motorway, and the Danube river and the main east – west railway line passing through our city also provide convenient transportation. In addition, three bridges will soon cross the Danube, and one of them is expected to open in August. Perhaps Komárom is the only small town by the Danube that has three bridges. It is also important to highlight the continuously upgraded infrastructure of the industrial park and the skilled workforce we have here.


Q4. SK Group adopted DBL (Double Bottom Line) management philosophy, which “pursues and manages economic value (EV) and social value (SV) at the same time to realize sustainable growth of the company”. Thus, we always put the importance on the partnerships with local governments to grow together. As the mayor of Komárom, could you suggest some activities that the city would collaborate with corporations to create social values for the local community?


A> I would like to thank SK Innovation once again for the $50,000 donation to our city at this difficult time. We will use this financial support to purchase protective equipment and help local families in need. Last year and earlier this year, Komárom Health Machine-Instrument Foundation, Social Public Foundation, and Fire Protection Public Foundation had already received SK Innovation’s supports. SK Innovation have always been with us since the beginning of our partnership. In the future, we could also cooperate with companies in other fields that serve the local community like sports, culture and environment protection.


Q5. Lastly, do you have any expectation or wish for SK Innovation in the future?


A> As the mayor of Komárom, I wish our city and SK Innovation could build a long-term strategic partnership, so that we could reach not only business developing targets but also mutual and sustainable growth. I believe SK Innovation’s success is also the key to Komárom’s success!


▲ Letter of Komárom mayor Attila Molnár to SK Innovation


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