The power of female talents working at SK Primacor Europe

▲ Capture image from Diari Més. Photos by Gerard Martí.

On April 29 (local time), SK Primacor Europe, a subsidiary of SK Global Chemical, was featured on the Special Edition about Chemical Industry of Tarragona’s local newspaper Diari Més. SK Primacor Europe was introduced as a good example where female workers are having chances to develop their careers and prove their talents.


11 female employees of SK Primacor Europe were interviewed Diari Més in this special edition. They are working at Tarragona, Spain, where SK Global Chemical’s EAA manufacturing plant is located. Each of them has different position and task, but they all shared the positive energy as members of SK Primacor Europe with inspiring stories.


One of the most common answers given by the employees when being asked about their experiences at SK Primacor Europe is about the various opportunities in everyday to do and learn new things. Some of the interviewees expressed that they feel rewarding as they can collaborate with people who have different perspectives, and bring positive influence on the community through the company. Being respected among coworkers is another point that was mentioned as a good thing in their working environment.


The article also quoted a result according the Spanish Labor Force Survey, that 40% of chemical employees in Spain are women, but only one out of 20 young people wants to be trained in science, engineering and technology. Through the candid interview with 11 female employees of SK Primacor Europe about how they got into the industry and their current responsibilities, the article aims to demonstrate the female power in chemical industry, as well as fostering STEM vocations in the region. Furthermore, the stories of SK Primacor Europe’s female members are proving the company’s effort in promoting gender equality, a significant topic of S (social) factor in ESG management.


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▲ 11 female employees of SK Primacor Europe appeared in a special interview by Tarragona’s local newspaper Diari Més. Photos by Gerard Martí.



About SK Primacor Europe
In 2017, SK Global Chemical, a subsidiary of SK Innovation, Acquired Dow Chemical CO.’s ethylene acrylic acid (EAA) business. EAA product is widely known as the PRIMACOR brand of Dow Chemical. The deal granted SK Global Chemical global manufacturing plants in USA and Spain. SK Primacor Europe is the name of the business in Spain.
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