SK Innovation at InterBattery 2019 – “The Hidden Story of SK Innovation’s Batteries”
2019.10.16 | SKinno News


In InterBattery 2019, the largest battery-specialized exhibition in Korea, SK Innovation presented the differentiated competitiveness of battery technology.




SK Innovation attended “InterBattery 2019” held at COEX by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for three days from October 16 through 18, and introduced its battery business, the growth engine of SK Innovation. This year was the second time SK Innovation attended the exhibition since it participated in the first exhibition of 2013.


Under the theme “The Hidden Story of SK Innovation’s Batteries”, SK Innovation conveyed to consumers the story of its battery business, the future energy that the company is currently pushing forward.


In the exhibition, SK Innovation displayed the history and global competitiveness of its electric vehicle battery business and introduced its differentiated technologies such as NCM 622, 811(1), the world’s first success in commercialization, and ultra-long battery manufacturing.

(1) NCM 622, 811: battery in which nickel-cobalt-manganese are in the proportion of “6:2:2” and “8:1:1,” respectively.


▲ The front view of SK Innovation booth


The concept and keyword for the exhibition were the “tip of the iceberg” and “hidden,” respectively. Just like 95% of an iceberg is hidden under the water, the exhibition contained the potential, philosophy, value, and identity in pursue of eco-friendly energy that SK Innovation’s battery business is going to reveal from now on. The iceberg-themed booth of SK Innovation caught visitor’s eyes from the entrance.


| The Hidden Story of SK Innovation’s Batteries


The SK Innovation’s booth consisted of four content zones: Projection Mapping, Hidden Cube, Hidden Screen, and Hidden Wall.



Stepping into the first zone “Projection Mapping,” vistors will watch a video in which the tip of the iceberg shows the business history of SK Innovation while the large hidden part below signifies its battery business. The video also includes an easy explanation of the company’s technology on electric vehicle battery and LiBS(2).

(2) LiBS: Lithium-ion Battery Separator


▲ “Projection Mapping” zone inside the SK innovation booth


“Hidden Cube” suggests a type of electric vehicle suitable for the individual visitor through five questions. Once a visitor complete the questionnaires, he/she will get a recommendation on which type of vehicle among Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)  that suits his/her lifestyle. Afterwards, visitors can put the recommended model of electric vehicle on the sensor to check relevant information about the vehicle on the screen immediately. In a nutshell, “Hidden Cube” was created to help visitors understand batteries more easily and get familiar with them.


▲”Hidden Cube” recommending a type of vehicle that suits personal lifestyle


The operating principle of the battery hidden inside the electric vehicle is explained in the “Hidden Screen.” The electric car drawn on the wall inside the booth reveals the hidden operating principle of the car and roles of the battery, if one looks at it through a specially created film. The “Hidden Screen” was popular among visitors because it shows the assembling process of the battery cell, module, and pack inside the electric vehicle, and a real battery that is hard to see in person.


▲”Hidden Screen” showing the operating principle of the electric car and roles of the battery through the specially created film


“Hidden Wall,” the last zone, spreads out “the future that SK Innovation dreams of.” Pushing the buttons installed in the booth reveals the history and future of the SK Innovation’s battery business.


▲ “Hidden Wall” displaying the future that SK Innovation dreams of

▲ “Hidden Wall,” displaying the future that SK Innovation dreams of






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