[Card News] SK Lubricants-Repsol JV ILBOC’s heartfelt effort for a better world, “Si te implicas se nota”


| About ILBOC


Iberian Lube Base Oils Company, SA (ILBOC, www.ilboc.com) is a joint venture incorporated in 2012. It is 70% owned by SK Lubricants and 30% by Repsol Petróleo. ILBOC produces lube base oil Group II and III in a plant located in the Valle de Escombreras, Cartagena, Spain. At the time of its completion in 2014, the Cartagena facility of ILBOC was the largest Group III plant in Europe.


ILBOC workforce is made up of about 90 staff. In addition, the company contributes to the employment of more than 200 other workers from the various companies collaborate with them. ILBOC also partner up with universities and institutes in the Valle de Escombreras area to provide internship programs.


▲ ILBOC’s production plant in Cartagena, Spain


| The meaningful CSR commitment of ILBOC members


Ever since the firm started operating, ILBOC has been making efforts to not only contribute to the local economy through its business but also to create more social values through various CSR programs. What makes the CSR activities of ILBOC more special is that they are 100% created and carried out by the employees based on their real concerns over the local community. ILBOC members proactively participate in the whole process, from proposing the projects, making plans, designating people in charge and searching for partner organizations, to executing all activities. Their sincerity and strong sense of responsibility are conveyed through their motto “Si te implicas se nota” (“If you get involved, it will show”), which implies when one participates in CSR programs, his or her efforts will contribute to make better things happen.



Since 2016, ILBOC has been active in about 30 CSR projects under major themes related to environment, society and culture. Many of them are not merely one-off events but regularly programs or long-run projects that take at least 3 months to complete. Recently, the firm and its members also deliver masks, free breakfast, medical equipment, etc. to help the local residents battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.



| In the future


Despite difficult situations caused by the COVID-19, ILBOC members are still trying their best to keep their commitments and preparing for future CSR activities from 2021 according to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Along with the expansion of the plant, we hope the ILBOC family will also get bigger and have more meaningful social contributions for a better community in Cartagena and Madrid.


Author | SKinno News