SK On cooperates with domestic and foreign companies to advance the intelligence of battery production equipment
2023.12.26 | SKinno News

■ SK On collaborates with Beckhoff, Cisco, IFM Electronic, Yaskawa Electric, and Woowon Technology to enhance battery production efficiency

■ This initiative will establish the groundwork for a “smart factory” by improving productivity and minimizing downtime


SK On is advancing the intellectualization of battery production equipment through collaboration with domestic and international companies that possess global-level core technologies. This strategy aims to leverage Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to maximize equipment efficiency and enhance productivity.


On December 26 (KST), SK On formalized a six-party Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Beckhoff Automation, Cisco, IFM Electronic, Yaskawa Electric Korea, and Woowon Technology at the SK Green Campus in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. This MOU is aimed at enhancing the control and communication systems for battery production equipment.


SK On intends to verify the performance, quality, and stability of the technologies and services offered by these companies and discuss strategic cooperation for the intellectualization of battery production equipment. These efforts are expected to strengthen SK On’s manufacturing competitiveness by reducing costs and improving yield, without the need for extensive equipment remodeling.


In collaboration with its partners, SK On plans to explore advancements in critical components and systems associated with battery production equipment, including controllers overseeing equipment operation, smart sensors for monitoring, communication networks, and power devices.


Upgrading the controller is closely linked to improving equipment speed, which can contribute to increased production volumes. The use of intellectualized smart sensors enables quicker and more precise detection of equipment status and errors, leading to reduced recovery times and higher operational efficiency in the event of malfunctions.


The advancement of network systems is expected to result in reduced downtime and enhanced data redundancy and security. These advancements will lay the groundwork for remote control of equipment, further bolstering SK On’s strategy to advance its “smart factory” initiative.


SK On previously announced that it plans to implement the latest equipment and technologies in the Seosan Plant 3, which is currently under construction, to establish a “smart factory” and also apply such cutting-edge solutions in its existing factories to boost productivity.


The companies collaborating with SK On are globally acclaimed for their expertise in industrial equipment control and telecommunication technologies. Beckhoff and IFM, both based in Germany, specialize in automation solutions and smart sensors, respectively. Yaskawa Electric, established in Japan in 1915, is renowned for manufacturing industrial robots and machinery, while Cisco, headquartered in the U.S., is the world’s leading network equipment provider. Woowon Technology is a Korean company specializing in battery assembly equipment.


Through their collaboration with SK On, a global battery specialist, these companies anticipate to not only heighten expertise in control and communication solutions for battery production equipment, but also bring about positive business outcomes, such as increased sales and expansion opportunities.


Oh Ki-young, Heade of SK On’s Factory Innovation, said, “Through this collaboration, SK On aims to lay the foundation for building a smart factory through the intellectualization of production equipment. We are committed to collaborating with both our local and global partners possessing global competitiveness to enhance our manufacturing strength.”



On the afternoon of December 26, the “Multilateral Business Agreement Signing Ceremony to Enhance Smart Manufacturing Competitiveness” took place at the SK Green Campus in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. CEO of Cisco Korea Chou Ji-hee Choi, CEO of Woowon Technology Kim Tae-wan, CEO of Beckhoff Automation CEO Yoo Ki-seok, Head of SK On’s Factory Innovation Oh Ki-young, CEO of Yaskawa Electric Korea Albert Shiina, and Managing Director of IFM Electronics Kim Seong-han, were in attendance.

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