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[CES 2023] SK takes action to reduce carbon, showcasing green innovation with its unique exhibition space
2023.01.05 | SKinno News

▲ View of SK Exhibition Hall at CES 2023


“Together in Action”

Moving Toward a Carbon-Free Future Together



SK will once again announce its commitment to Net Zero at CES 2023, the world’s largest IT and consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8 (local time). As a key member of SK, SK Innovation and its affiliates will also showcase the fruits of its journey of Carbon to Green, an effort to innovate its existing business portfolio centered on green businesses.


Having participated in CES since 2019, SK has continuously increased the size of its exhibition. At CES 2023, it will deliver an impactful message under the theme, “Action: Moving toward a Carbon-Free Future Together” (Together in Action), implying the actions we need to take toward a carbon-free future are no longer optional. At CES 2022 last year, SK emphasized its partners’ participation and solidarity toward Net Zero under the theme “Companion: SK, Your Companion on Net Zero journey” (SK, Your Companion). This year, at CES 2023, it highlights the fact that SK Innovation’s Net Zero journey is already in progress, from “walking together” to “action” in order to demonstrate initiative that can trigger changes.


In addition, the SK’s message reminds the company’s promise that the company and its partners will strive to make their commitment to contribute to reducing 1% of global carbon emissions by 2030, and encourages visitors to participate for the remaining 99%. In a teaser video announcing SK’s participation in CES 2023, “2030” and “1%” are symbolized as a numeral code, “20301010(%),” to promote SK’s vision for carbon reduction, which induced curiosity from the audience.


▲ A teaser video announcing SK and its partners’ participation in CES 2023


At CES 2023, SK will introduce various green products and technologies of eight member companies (SK Inc., SK Innovation, SK E&S, SK Hynix, SK Telecom, SKC, SK Ecoplant, and SK Biopharmaceuticals) that can substantially contribute to carbon reduction.


The SK Exhibition Hall will inform visitors that SK and its partners are already taking “action” to reduce carbon and urge them to participate through its message. In particular, experiential elements were reinforced to deliver the message to visitors more effectively. The exhibition hall emphasizes the importance of taking action by presenting two contrasted future scenarios: a bleak future caused by not taking an action together against a bright future created by taking an action together. The SK Booth consists of four spaces: ▲ Futuremarks, ▲ Together in Action, ▲ SK, Around Every Corner, and ▲ Zero Arcade.


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Futuremarks portrays a future that humanity will face when nothing is done in response to climate change. At the Together in Action zone, you can see SK and its partners’ vision for carbon reduction. Finally, SK, Around Every Corner zone will showcase “Sky Palette” to show a clean world without carbon emissions, achieved by continuous endeavor for carbon reduction by SK and its partners. It portrays the clean skies of major cities around the world drenched in riot of different colors every moment.


At ▲ Clean Mobility, ▲ Zero Carbon Lifestyle, ▲ Waste to Resources, ▲ Air Mobility, ▲ Green Digital Solution, and ▲ Future Energy, located in the SK, Around Every Corner zone, you can learn about SK’s Net Zero technologies that have deeply influenced our daily lives. Through this exhibition hall, SK makes a statement that SK and Friends have already taken a step forward for action to reduce carbon emissions, and suggests not only visitors but also all stakeholders across the globe to act together with strong determination.


“From Donghaeng (Companion)

to Haengdong (Action)”


At CES 2023, SK and Friends introduce innovative technologies to achieve Net Zero, along with conveying the importance of reducing carbon emissions in response to climate change. Events and related updates can be checked through various channels (SKinno News, YouTube, LinkedIn) of SK Innovation and member companies.


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