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SK Battery America to open U.S. IT Center, create 200 high-tech jobs in Roswell, Georgia
On January 26 (local time), Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp announced that SK Battery America (SKBA) will open a regional IT hub facility in Roswell, Georgia, creating 200 high-tech jobs and investing approximately USD 19 million over the next few years.   SK Battery America’s new IT center will be an integrated IT management center ...
How Solid State batteries will impact the future of automotive
The decade of the battery is just getting started   For a while, we here at Vision Mobility have been calling the 2020’s the decade of the battery. It’s taking over cars, electricity grids, home electricity storage, industrial vehicles and many other areas that weren’t considered practical just 10 years ago.   There’s also a ...
SK Innovation recruits more talents for next-generation battery business
■ Recruitment of development personnel for next-generation batteries such as solid state and lithium metal will begin on the 4th. ■ SK Innovation will keep making efforts to lead the lithium-ion battery market with its cutting-edge technology. – Aiming to ensure safety in next-generation batteries based on the technology that has made zero cases of ...