SK IE Technology
SK On and SKIET win Best of Innovation at CES 2023 Innovation Awards
■ SK On’s “SF (Super Fast) Battery” and SKIET’s FCW were selected as the Best of Innovation at CES 2023 Innovation Awards, the best achievement of SK after 4 years of participation in CES ■ 5 products of SK Innovation’s subsidiaries won 8 Innovation Awards Honorees, among which two won Best of Innovation   SK ...
SKIET reviews plan on timely expansion to take lead in North American market
■ Roh Jae-sok, CEO of SKIET communicates with National Pension Service and other domestic investors and is set to explain the company’s strategy to BlackRock and other overseas investors from November 8 to 12. ■ “North American and European markets for LiBS show rapid growth of over 30% on average annually…The company is reviewing expansion ...
SK Innovation Vice Chairman Kim Jun visits Poland to support Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo
■ Vice Chairman Kim met the Polish Minister of Economic Development and Technology, looking for support backing Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo ■ The World Expo in Busan will work as a platform for discussing various tasks that humankind is confronting ■ Vice Chairman Kim Jun: “South Korea and Poland pursue the ...
SKIET cooperates with Vingroup to accelerate penetration into Southeast Asian and North American markets
■ SKIET signs a business MOU and holds an executive meeting with VinES, the electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer of Vingroup, the largest private corporation in Vietnam ■ VinES aims to expand its EV battery business beyond the borders of Vietnam, with VinFast’s US factory complex in 2024 ■ Roh Jae-sok, CEO of SKIET, said, ...
[CoCo's Vlog] Let's go plogging and planting with SKBMP, a SK IE Technology's subsidiary in Poland
Welcome to our 3rd episode of CoCo’s Vlog, a series of videos recorded by SK Innovation’s Global Communication Coordinators.   CoCo is a nickname combined the two first syllables of Communication and Coordinator, who promote communication to connect SK Innovation’s global business sites and the headquarters.   Through the records of CoCos, we will be ...
SK IE Technology holds The 3rd Annual General Meetings of Shareholders
■ SK IE Technology held The 3rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders at SK Building in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the 28th ■ New Nominations: Kim Jun as Non Standing Director, Roh Jae-sok as Executive Director, and Ahn Jin-ho as Non-Executive Director ■ “SK IE Technology will become a Global Top Tier Material Company by sophisticating ...
[Interview] SK Innovation executives talk about plans in 2022, the first year of Financial Story execution ⑦ SK IE Technology CEO Roh Jae-sok: “2022 will be the first year for us to grow into a Global Top Material Company”
▲ CEO of SK IE Technology Roh Jae-sok   Q1. SK IE Technology (hereafter, SKIET) is currently in the limelight for its business and stakeholders. Please share your resolutions and goals for 2022, as March is already around the corner.   With the rapid growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market in the world, the ...
Global EV sales to continue upward trend in 2022, and SK Innovation’s tactics to serve the market
  “In 2021, almost 6.5 million new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered globally, which is about 108% more than the 3.1 million in 2020.” These are the numbers mentioned in the latest report released on Feb 2 by InsideEVs, quoting EV-Volumes data. It is undeniable that the world is taking big shift into electric vehicles ...
SK IE Technology to start operating its first Lithium-ion battery separator plant in Poland
■ The first plant opening ceremony held in Silesia Province on Oct. 6th (local time), ready to start commercial production in Q4 this year after about 21 months of construction – Set to offer separators with an annual production capacity of 340 mil. m2 for the first time in Europe, the largest global EV market ■ CEO & President ...
SK IE Technology加入RE100,“提前实现环保电能转型”
■ 10日,加入RE100……计划于2025年,提前5年实现环保电能转型 -韩国、波兰工厂已经100%引进环保电能 -在华引进太阳能发电设备,自主提供环保电能 ■ 积极增设生产设施的同时,在2030年之前减少70%的温室气体排放量 ■ SKIET的CEO 卢载晰表示,“通过发展业务巩固行业第一的地位,同时计划在环保转型领域独占鳌头,引领市场”   本月10日,SK Innovation的子公司SK IE Technology(简称SKIET)完成加入“RE100(Renewable Electricity 100)”。   RE100是国际非营利组织“气候组织”发起的倡议,其旨在将企业使用的电能100%地转型为可再生能源。虽然是自愿参加的倡议,但随着全球范围内对环保的需求日益高涨,众多企业主动参与其中。韩国RE100委员会评估申请入会的企业是否符合加入RE100。SKIET已于去年11月向韩国RE100委员会提交加入申请书。   SKIET计划以加入RE100为契机,加快步伐实现环保电能转型。虽然加入RE100不是义务事项,但SKIET决定从今年开始在韩国忠清北道曾坪、清州等韩国所有工厂,以及即将开工的波兰西里西亚省工厂内100%引进环保电能。SKIET是韩国首家在国内外单一工厂内100%使用环保电能的企业。   除此之外,SKIET计划在中国自主供电,在工厂屋顶安装7万m2规模的太阳能发电设备。可见SKIET先于利害关系者提出要求,积极地采用环保电能。   根据上述计划,SKIET计划在2025年之前针对全球工厂使用的电能中的60%实现环保转型。若按期实现,可提前5年完成RE100要求的水平。此外,SKIET计划于2030年前在全球所有生产基地引进环保电能,通过该措施,减少企业排放的温室气体总量的70%。   SKIET自主树立环保转型目标的目的在于巩固目前国际LiBS(Lithium ion Battery Separator)市场第一的地位,并在ESG领域发展成为引领行业的领头企业。   SKIET生产的主要产品——LiBS是生产有助于减少温室气体排放的电动汽车用电池时必不可少的核心材料。欧盟委员会还将其纳入了《欧盟分类法》(EU taxonomy)。《欧盟分类法》是指有助于绿色环保、可持续的经济活动的产品等的目录,向企业、投资者、环境政策制定者等进行提供,鼓励环保活动,促进适当的投资。   SKIET去年销售的LiBS约达5亿m2, 约为生产76万辆电动汽车所需的总量。若以76万辆电动汽车取代内燃机汽车,每年温室气体排放量则可减少约94万吨。   SKIET CEO 卢载晰强调称:“将通过发展业务巩固行业第一的地位,同时计划在环保转型领域独占鳌头,引领市场。”   韩国RE100委员会委员长陈遇三表示: “衷心祝贺SKIET加入RE100,继去年SK集团的6家公司,这次SKIET在从SK Innovation独立后,时隔两年加入RE100,SK集团再次向全球市场和产业界展示了气候领导力。”   [图片]   SK IE Technology中国常州工厂      
SK IE Technology joins RE100, an early accomplishment of the required conversion to eco-friendly power
■ Officially became a member of RE100 on September 10th, a 5-year-early accomplishment of converting to eco-friendly power by 2025 – Plants in Korea and Poland have already been using 100% green power – Photovoltaic power generation systems are in place in Chinese plants for self-sufficient eco-friendly power ■ Set to cut down GHG emissions by 2025 to ...
SK Innovation aims to change the corporate identity “from carbon to green” by investing a total of 30 trillion won in 5 years
■ Officially declaring at the Financial Story briefing session attended by all the company executives including SK Innovation CEO & President Kim Jun – Unveiling “Innovation Completion” plan for 2021, the third innovation plan following “Innovation Direction” in 2017 and “Innovation Strategy” in 2019 ■ Aiming to complete innovation with “Carbon to Green” strategy, a differentiated ...