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All business sites of SKIET acquired ISO27001, establishing a world-class information security system
2023.08.31 | SKinno News

■ All plants in Korea, China, and Poland acquired the certification, achieving a 100% rate of information protection-certified business sites

■ Appointment of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) among measures to improve information-security awareness and establish systematic internal systems for security

■ SKIET stated, “We will enhance global clients’ trust by advancing the information protection management system, a core element of ESG”


SK IE Technology (hereinafter referred to as “SKIET”) has established a global-level advanced information security system. The company plans to use this as a leverage to enhance information security reliability for its client companies and to acquire new clients as well.

SKIET announced that it has obtained the ISO27001 certification for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on August 31. Following its Jeungpyeong (South Korea) plant in 2020 and their Changzhou (China) plant in 2022, its facility in Dąbrowa Górnicz (Poland) also received the certification, thereby achieving a 100% security certification rate across all its business sites.

ISO27001 is considered the most prestigious international standard certification in its field, evaluated by accredited certification agencies for its systematic operation and managerial suitability for information security. The certification requires passing a risk assessment scrutinizing 14 fields and 114 items. SKIET met these criteria by establishing an information security system that prevents industrial technology and trade secret leaks.

The certification acknowledges the capabilities that SKIET has built for protecting industrial technologies and trade secrets. Given that information security is crucial for the battery separator in the process of the order-made production industry, the company plans to continue to focus on enhancing mutual trust during collaboration with its clients.

SKIET has made various efforts to protect client information. A chief information security officer (CISO), who reports directly to the CEO, has been appointed at the headquarters, and the company has secured related experts. Furthermore, it regularly conducts internal inspections by analyzing potential risk factors that could occur in both domestic and overseas business sites. Along with the inspections, the company continuously carries out activities to raise information security awareness among all members through in-house training.

Cheon Woong, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of SK IE Technology’s Information Security Unit, said, “This certification allows us to further enhance the clients’ trust in line with the global trend of strengthening corporate compliance.” “As the importance of information security rises from an ESG standpoint, we will strive to further develop our management system to enhance business competitiveness.”



(Photo 1) Panoramic view of SKIET’s production base, operated by the company’s overseas subsidiary SK hi-tech battery materials Poland, in Silesia Province, Dąbrowa Górnicz, Poland.


(Photo 2) A SKIET employee is inspecting the production process of Lithium-ion Battery Separator (LiBS).


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