2022 SK IE Technology New Year’s Greetings

Dear Members of SK IE Technology,

The new year of 2022 has begun. I sincerely wish you and your families happiness, health, and good fortune.


By successfully completing our IPO last year, we elevated our company’s corporate values and solidified our place as a global top-tier LiBS firm.


Our global production base, Chinese plants, is on track, and the Polish plants, which are en route to Europe’s largest LiBS facilities, have begun commercial operations to establish a bridgehead for preempting the global market. FCW’s business is poised for full expansion, and we have also taken the lead in terms of ESG management by implementing 100 percent environmentally friendly power in our domestic and Polish plants.


I gratefully acknowledge all of you for taking on arduous tasks in a harsh business environment with a sense of responsibility last year.


In the year 2022, we will provide the groundwork for our company to become a global top material provider. However, we anticipate a challenging management environment as a result of the Covid-19, unstable supply chains, fierce global competition, and other factors, and we must respond pro-actively to the heightened expectations on our production and quality competitiveness, as well as green policies, following the IPO. In this regard, I’d like to share a few critical plans on which we would like to concentrate our efforts.


The first is to stabilize LiBS’s business operations and assure its long-term growth. We want to prioritize cost innovation and product quality, which are directly related to our corporation’s competitiveness, while creating proactive and efficient manufacturing facilities to ensure that our products are delivered to clients on time. In addition, to expand our business, we will investigate growth methods other than the existing one, such as inorganic growth.


Second, we will seek a new business and reinforce the FCW business’s growth basis. We will generate a tangible result by designing an FCW application based on thoroughly defined market needs and acquiring substantial target clients. Simultaneously, by discovering new business implementation options, we will establish a solid growth portfolio as a global material provider.


Finally, we will innovate the ways we work and bolster our ESG management system so as to ensure the happiness of our members and trust from stakeholders.


As we have surmounted difficult hurdles so far, I am optimistic that our company will develop even more this year with the skills and efforts of our members. As CEO, I will always do my utmost to help you and our company grow in a mutually beneficial way.


I hope that this pandemic situation ends soon and that we can return to our ordinary but precious daily lives, and I wish you and your families health and happiness once more.


Thank you.


January 3, 2022

Rho Jae-sok

CEO & President of SK IE Technology

Author | SKinno News